Why Does My German Shepherd Whine? 8 Potential Reasons

Why does my German shepherd whine 1
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Sometimes you often hear your German Shepherd whining but don’t know how to help him. You’re not alone! A lot of owners are also confused when their pet whines in vain.

Why does my German Shepherd whine? This is a frequently asked question among the dog lover community. In truth, most dogs moan once in a while, but not often.

This article will suggest the top 8 potential causes why this breed groans and what you should do to help it. Scroll down!

Why Does My German Shepherd Whine? 

These dogs have to learn instinctively to catch the owner’s attention to defend the herd because they are bred to become guard dogs and herders. 

Therefore, they whine more often than other dog breeds because of their herding origins. Humans cry for a variety of reasons, and this breed can whimper for a wide range of factors as well.

Here are eight reasons why my German Shepherd Whine is whining.

Attempt To Gain Your Attention.

This breed is regarded as one of the most affectionate and obedient breeds of dogs. If you haven’t paid attention to your pet in a long time, it may moan for it. It might whine when it likes playing or being pet. 

It will do this more often if you pay attention to it when it whines. It will discover that whining gets it the care it craves in this circumstance.

Why does my German shepherd whine

It wants your attention.

Look For Something.

Among the most typical reasons for your dog’s moaning is that it needs something. It might be a walk, some attention, water, or food. 

For instance, if your dog is moaning about not being able to go outdoors, it may constantly run around you or the door and stare at the opening.

Feel Bored.

Another reason it whines is boredom. This situation will happen if it complains more while not doing anything.

A German Shepherd requires plenty of exercise to expend all of its energy. This clever canine, in particular, needs mental stimulation.

If your dog does not have an hour of daily exercise, it will quickly become bored and whimper to let you notice.

Feel Scared.

Although this breed is more courageous than others, storms, new people, and stressful circumstances can still lead it to become fearful.

If your dog repeatedly whines in possibly stressful conditions like thunder or lightning, it is afraid and seeks your comfort.


Dogs are more prone to stress than you may assume. It’s even more prevalent among puppies.

Stress can stem from many factors, such as changing residences, another canine, a family member leaving, or someone abusing and mistreating it.

In most circumstances, you’ll need to consult a dog cognitive-behavioral therapist if your dog is suffering separation anxiety.

Be Sick.

If it’s ill, it also may be whining a lot. Dogs who are sick or hurt will whimper to express their distress.

Pay close attention to your pet if it’s merely lying down and whimpering or when it’s behaving differently than usual.

It could, for instance, has lately consumed something that should not have been struck by someone or something.

Other symptoms of disease, such as fatigue, reduced appetite, and less interest, are frequently present alongside moaning.

It might be sick

It might be sick.

Get Very Excited When Seeing You.

When they see you, some puppies whine. This groan is unlike any other sound. It usually finishes quickly and is accompanied by their entire bum wagging.

They are doing this because they are delighted to meet you. Though this behavior is adorable, there are situations when you don’t want your pet to act this way.

Try To Alert You.

As shared earlier, the nature of this breed is herders. That’s why it’s in their nature to groan if something threatens them. 

The only problem is that your perception of a threat and their perception of danger are entirely different.

When your dog sees a cat or human outside your home, or when a vehicle comes by, for example, it might whine.

Although it is in some ways acceptable behavior, it is still preferable to teach your dog to whimper only when there is an actual threat.

It might realize a threat.

It might realize a threat.

How To Stop A German Shepherd From Whining?

Do you want your dog to whine less? Fortunately, there are several ways you may apply. Here are some of the most influential and practical ideas to think about:

Allow It To Exercise

These dogs are energetic canines who need plenty of exercise daily. It is possible to develop behavioral problems if you don’t give it enough exercise.

This is among the most effective strategies because it fits all. If your dog is not in pain or unwell, giving it plenty of exercise should reduce its whimpering.

When they’re exhausted, they won’t want to complain as much. Furthermore, it will all keep their minds occupied, ensuring that they do not become bored.

Generally, you should spend at least one hour allowing your pet to do some physical activities every day. Increase your walking time from half an hour to an hour.

Try to give it several walks per day. If this is not achievable, spend much time playing with it in the evenings.

Do German Shepherds Bark A Lot 1

Give it exercise

Don’t Reinforce It Whining.

Although positive reinforcement training might help you achieve the desired behaviors, it might also backfire.

If you usually give it whatever it desires once it starts screaming, your dog has realized that whimpering gets it what it needs.

Instead, ignoring it until it finishes moaning is a better alternative. Then, when it isn’t whimpering, give it what it desires. It is behaving in the manner that you expect.

Reward It If It Doesn’t Whine.

Another effective way to reduce your dog’s whining is using positive reinforcement training. This method means when your pet follows your instructions and requirements, it will get what it wants. 

What’s more, when it begins to whine, you’d better stop giving it food or care until it doesn’t whimper anymore. 

If it gets upset again, don’t feed it goodies or pay close attention to it. Your act will teach it that moaning will not get what it desires.

Feed it if it doesn't whine

Feed it if it doesn’t whine.

Pay Attention To It

If you suppose your German Shepherd’s whining is due to a lack of attention, the best solution is to offer it more care and attention during the day.

You may provide your dog with the attention it craves in a variety of ways, including:

  • Training: Training your pet is one method to show you care. This will, of course, bring the extra advantage of encouraging it to act in the manner you desire. If you are searching for some training for your dog, you can watch this video:

  • A tug-of-war: Playing tug of war with it is a fun method to get it to pay attention to you. This breed enjoys tug of war. So, yours may also love it.
  • Playing fetch: You can offer your dog attention while also training it effectively if playing fetch with it.
  • Send it to daycare doggy: Consider sending your pet to doggy daycare if you think you will not have much time to pay attention to it. If you apply this way, you can avoid unwanted issues like misbehaving while you’re away.

Distract It In Some Way

If you cannot give it your full attention all the time, you can probably provide it with some support to make it occupied.

Giving it lots of toys is one approach. Instead of focusing on others, you can turn your concentration.

It’s incredibly vital to provide it with a variety of toys to play with when it’s teething, as that is when it’ll naturally seek to gnaw on everything. You might also provide some chews for it to gnaw on.

Give it some toys

Give it some toys

Make Sure It Is Healthy

If you suspect that your pet’s whining is owing to injury or illness, the best course of action is to bring it to a veterinarian.


1. Why Are German Shepherds So Vocal?

These dogs have been originally bred to be mainly working canines. Its weapon is its booming voice, which effectively keeps intruders at bay.

2. What Are The Sources Of My German Shepherd’s Whining And Aggression?

If it feels it is being attacked or has unwanted people, it is prone to become aggressive and protective, resulting in whining and angry outburst.

See more: At what age does a German Shepherd become aggressive

3. What Makes My German Shepherd Stare At Me?

Humans look into the eyes of one we love. Similarly, a dog will stare at its owner as a way to show affection.

Mutual contact between dogs and humans does, in fact, produce oxytocin, also called the love hormone.

It tries to show its affection to its owners

It tries to show its affection to its owners.

In A Nutshell

This article ultimately got to the end of your question: Why does my German Shepherd whine? Stress, boredom, fear, threat, or illness might be the causes of its whining. 

Besides, it’s better to pay attention and take care of your dog as much as possible. If it whines much more than usual, but you can’t determine the reasons, the best way is to take it to the vet. Thanks for reading!


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