Are Male Or Female German Shepherds More Affectionate? – Which Is The Best?

What Should You Choose Between A Male And A Female GSD
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Are male or female German shepherds more affectionate?

The GSD is the most popular dog breed in the world. They are very friendly, dynamic, intelligent, and easy to train. This breed does a great job of protecting and assisting humans in all sorts of activities, such as: assisting people with disabilities, seeking and rescue, police assistance, and even acting.

However, just like any other breed, the German Shepherd also has differences between masculines and feminines. It has caused many owners to consider before adopting a breed dog.

Therefore, you can note and consider each different factor between the sexes to find the most suitable choice for you.

Are male or female German shepherds more affectionate

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How Do German Shepherds Show Affection?

The way GSDs show affection to their owners is very diverse. They use actions to show their love and absolute trust in them. People with GSDs, even, can be summed up, those lovely actions, including:

  • Follow your orders
  • Protect you and your home
  • Make eye contact with you
  • Put yourself in vulnerable positions
  • Bring your toys to them
  • Nudge you with their head or nose
  • Lick you
  • Welcome you to home
  • Lean on you
  • Let you rub his belly

What Creates The Bond Between A German Shepherd And Owner?

The relationship between proprietor and pet is not easily created in a short time. That means taking some time to build trust, trust, and affection with each other.

Occasionally, an owner and his pet have a chemical reaction at first sight. When this happens, however, the chemical reaction will pin down these reactions in the subconscious of both of you. They help you and your dog bond better, even sensing each other’s presence and danger.

Besides, we can not ignore genetic factors, training methods and discipline, experiences as puppies, and even health status.

Each aspect plays a crucial role in making a bond between owner and pet. Therefore, you should take the time to consider and analyze each factor.

How Can You Tell If A German Shepherd Is Purebred

The Differences Between Two Genders Of German Shepherds 

Character traits

Dogs are social animals, so raising your pup in the right environment will dictate what kind of pet they become. If you have ever interacted with any breed before then, it’s no surprise that this holds for GSDs.

The type of training received during puppyhood can make all the differences in shaping an individual’s behavior later down the life road.

Some may be more likely than others to suffer certain disorders or injuries due solely because they used to be not properly cared for by humans.

German Shepherds are known for their intelligence, loyalty, and bravery.  They can also be aloof with strangers or new environments. However, it’s important to know what kind of personality your pup might have because there is quite a difference between genders regarding these traits.

German Shepherds are often used as guard dogs because they can show an intimidating presence to strangers and intruders on your property. 

It is one reason why feminine GSDs bark more than masculine. However, this may not always apply if you have a large size like some other breeds. In this case, he would seem larger instead of powerful or threatening. But it still shows how protectiveness plays into their profile when looking at temperament issues surrounding barking behavior.

GSDs are known to be more aggressive than their feminine counterparts. They can also be moody and reactive compared to the more laid-back masculines, but it’s not always that way.

This canine has different personalities depending on how they were raised by parents or other individuals early on. It could explain why some dogs act differently, even though both genders share many similar qualities. For example, they are curious about everything going around them at all times.

Normal dogs may show more different actions than neutered ones. And there are also differences between masculine and feminine dogs, especially in the estrus season. They will usually not care about their family or their owners during this time. Besides, masculine dogs also tend to expand their territory more.

Physical appearance

People can distinguish which one is masculine and feminine based on their appearance. The features that are different between them include:

Height24 - 26 inches22 - 24 inches
Weight65 - 90 pounds50 - 70 pounds
HeadLarge headNarrow head, narrow snouts, gentle around the eyes
BodyHeavy bone, many muscles, deep and broad chestSmall and light chest

What Should You Choose Between A Male And A Female GSD

Source: Pixabay

What Should You Choose Between A Male And A Female  GSD?

When you wonder whether to choose masculine or feminine GSDs, you can consider traits only in a particular gender. From that, you may match them to your requirements.

Most GSD feminines are suitable for families with children. They will know how to take care of and love children because of their natural maternal instinct. In addition, when you intend to breed, they will be suitable to do so. 

However, they will usually experience their period twice a year. And many owners do not have any experience at that time or do not like that very much.

If you need dogs to protect you, then the masculine dog is the right choice. They are often larger, stronger, and fiercer than feminine ones because of their protective family properties. 

But breeding them requires more space and more food. They will sometimes follow “the call of love” and abandon their owners. And when the owner does not have enough power, they often rebel and cause many problems.

However, these traits are mainly for your reference. Because if a dog is raised in a good environment, it will become attached, loyal and protective to its owner. If you do not have experience in raising them, you can send them to a training school and consult the buyer or breeder when having any problems.


Once you’ve decided to adopt a German Shepherd, understand that this is just the beginning of a long journey. And the question is: “Are male or female German shepherds more affectionate?” just one of them.

This breed is loyal, courageous and will never stop showing their love for their owners. Although masculine and feminine dogs will have different characteristics from appearance to nature, they will make your life more filled with joy and love if they are well raised.

Hopefully,  this article has helped you understand the difference between the affection of the GSD genders. And then, you might get the answer for your consideration.

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