Do German Shepherds Get Along With Golden Retrievers?

Do German Shepherds Get Along With Golden Retrievers
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Do German Shepherds get along with Golden Retrievers? This question may confuse dog owners a lot when they consider a new pet friend for their Alsatian wolf dog.

German Shepherds and Golden Retrievers are both loyal and intelligent to their owners. However, the characteristics of the German Shepherds are protective and intense guard dogs, contrary to the Golden Retrievers. 

In short, the German breed can get along with the Retrievers very well if you have proper training. Both their characteristics can blend each other and make them a perfect couple when they are puppies or even being acquitted as adults. 

For today’s article, we will give you precise and detailed information about the suitability of the two mentioned breeds when staying together. Let’s dive right in!

The Similarities Between German Shepherds And Golden Retrievers

The Origin

German Shepherd

The German Shepherd is the second-most popular breed in the United States, while the Golden Retriever occupies third place.

As the name suggests, the German Shepherds come from Germany. The Alsatian wolf dog itself possesses a superior protective instinct, and it is also trained to gain excellent working skills. Hence, you can consider this German breed as a protective guard. 

Meanwhile, Scotland is the birthplace of the Golden Retrievers. The gatekeepers in the past trained the dog to hunt the waterfowls. 

Despite the different home countries, we can see that they are both easily taught and excel in the trained field. Therefore, we can teach them to perform demanding tasks at ease. 

The Size

German Shepherd’s Size

The German Shepherd and Golden Retriever are pretty the same when it comes to size and height, or even weight. Theoretically, in both breeds, the range of weight is from 65 – 75 lbs, and the height is 23 -26 inches. 

However, depending on the diet and weather conditions for both breeds. Their size and weight can vary; it may not make much difference from their genetic origin. In addition, the female Golden is noticeably smaller than the male Golden, the same to the German dog as well. 


Golden Retrievers 

Both dog breeds have medium to long coats requiring intensive care and have a smooth and shiny appearance. Depending on the weather, you can shave the undercoat to have a relaxed and comfortable feeling.

The color of the German dog’s coat can be reddish and tan with a distinctive black hue on the tail, nose, and back. However, the Golden owns golden or yellow hair, pretty similar to the Labrador’s color.

Both dogs benefit from regular brushing, eliminating any bugs attached to their skin and preventing shedding.


Another similarity between the Golden and the German dogs are high-energy and highly active. As a result, both of them require at least a 40-minute training session to maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle.

The Alsatian wolf dog is more active since its origin used to be a herder, and it will turn to be a mischievous pet with unexpected behaviors if you keep them too long in the cage. 

Herding and tracking are some of the most favorite exercises you can do with this German breed. The more time you spend with this four-legged friend, the more likely they will adhere to your command; otherwise, you will have a hard time training it.

Identical to the German breed, the Golden Retriever is full of beans and requires the same amount of activity to engage the owner better and retain its healthy life. The Golden can be a great companion for running and riding a bike. 


Great Accompany 

Personality plays an important role when keeping two breeds together; if they do not have the same traits, you will have a big challenge when training and keeping them getting on well with each other. However, fortune smiles on you as both dogs have almost the same personality.

The Shepherds and German dogs are intelligent, confident, and dedicated to their lovers. With these characteristics, you will face no challenge when training both dogs. You only need to invest time in them, and the result will come out naturally as you expect.

However, the origin of Golden dogs is not a guard dog like German Shepherds. It tends to be friendly and licking strangers rather than barking at them. 

On the other hand, the German Shepherd’s characteristics are courageous and watchful, making it like a well-trained guard dog. This dog will not hesitate to sacrifice its life to protect the owner from any threat.

Do German Shepherds Get Along With Golden Retrievers?

A Lovely Golden Retriever

“Yes” is our answer for the question. From the comparison above, you can realize both dogs have almost the same attributes: temperament, size, and energy level.

The German Shepherd’s characters are protective and determined; hence, it tends not to socialize, and the dog will become exaggeratedly aggressive when you introduce a new Golden to it.

So before making the German and Golden dogs live under the same roof, you can take seriousness in training the German dog by acclimating your dog with the scent of the new coming Golden or snifting the blanking the new dog lying on.

After that, arrange the interaction between two dogs by letting them walk next to each other. They may ignore each other first, but it is still better than aggressive and combative behavior if you do not initially arrange the interaction.

When they sniff each other, it is a positive signal of compatibility, and we believe you will not hesitate to give them praise. Make sure to give them compliments and rewards if they continue to have positive action towards each other. 

How To Make Sure That The Shepherds And Golden Retrievers Stay Happily Together? 

Train Your German Shepherd  Since A Puppy

Training Your German Shepherds

This goal is to train your German pet to be friendly and socialize with other dogs, so it is best to do it when they are puppies.

According to the professional dog trainers, you can start to execute training sessions when the GSD reaches 8 weeks. This is because GSD has incredible observation skills, and at a young age, they can pick up how you react to other dogs.

If your GSD is surrounded by other breeds in a safe environment, it will tend to be less aggressive with those dogs and people because it feels they are not their enemies. 

Hence, when introducing the Golden to GSD, it will readily accept the new friend living under one roof, and in the perfect case, both breeds can share their toys.

Raise Your Shepherds With The Existence Of Goldens Around 

Raising them together is the best solution to keeping the peace between the Shepherds and the Goldens rather than being introduced when they are older. 

Your GSD will benefit from the characters of the Goldens as well, and it will become more friendly and less aggressive while remaining observant and determined.

However, if you introduce the Goldens to the German breed at an older age, it is still acceptable as long as the GSD is well-trained and adheres to commands.

Help The Shepherds And The Retrievers Settle In

A Friendly German Shepherd

The pace at which both dogs get along with each other depends mainly on your help. However, as we have mentioned above, keeping consistent interaction between two dogs will increase the chance of well compatibility.

At first, a well-prepared introduction will get your dogs and the newcomer calm. Fear-based aggression may be a problem if the Shedpreds come from an abusive and combative background. 

It is not wise to leave two dogs unattended as a stressed dog can quickly become aggressive, and you have to stop the hostility between them.

You can apply the walking exercise for two dogs simultaneously so they can smell each other and get used to the scent. When it comes to their places, always prepare a separate bowl of food and toys because at the beginning, they will feel annoyed when sharing these things.

When the situation gets better, you can let two dogs play together but still under your observation. However, you need to give the same attention to both dogs fairly; otherwise, there will be unexpected jealousy-related fighting.

Once they are getting used to each other, you can move to the next step by bringing them into the house. They will learn more about the other’s territory and start to respect the places. 

It will make them comfortable and relaxed with the existence of each other in the same place. You should always repeat the process until they can stay peacefully under your sneaky observation.

Applying these instructions, you will slowly build a lovely pet family.

Do German Shepherds Play Well With Other Dogs Except Golden Retrievers??

Siberian Husky

Our answer is “yes.” Your German Shepherd can get along well with other dogs, for instance, the Siberian Husky, because both breeds share athletic-based backgrounds. 

They can be a good company in running and tracking. However, please do not give them excessive running exercise, which can make them exhausted and deteriorate their stamina and health.

Labrador Retriever

The two breeds are another example of a well-paired pet family. The Labrador are friendly and easy-going dogs, so they can soothe the aggression of the German Shepherd, creating a harmonious environment. Hence, the German dog will feel less threatened and will quickly get along with another dog in its place.


Many people will think the Bulldog can not stay peacefully with the German breed, but it is wrong. Regardless of their combative background, the two dogs are loving and caring, which means they will easily get along with each other. 

The process even goes faster if both dogs are well-trained and supportive from the owner. 


Who does not want a cute Corgi? Surprisingly, many of our guests told us both of them stay together peacefully. It may be from the characters of Corgi, which is a kind and social pet. That means they can easily adjust their behaviors to match with another dog. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does The German Shepherd Get Along With Small Dogs?

This is a fascinating question that we received multiple times from the researchers. The answer is “yes.” You can feel weird when we do not list the tiny dog in the above section, but it does not mean your German breed can not get along with other little companions.

As long as you give them a good introduction and scrutiny observation at the beginning, nothing is impossible. However, you are more likely to succeed if both dogs are raised simultaneously at a young age.

What Health Issues Could Golden Retrievers & German Shepherds Have?

Both breeds can face several health issues depending mainly on their lifestyle and diet. In general, they are prone to obesity; therefore, it’s advisable to provide them with proper exercise sessions. 

Also, both breeds are subject to joint issues because the Golden and German dogs possess a large size, and lacking nutrient supplements will lead to the problems. Therefore, let them have a sufficient diet with vitamin and calcium supplements. 


So, do German Shepherds get along with Golden Retrievers? 100% yes. They share many characteristics and are easy to train

Based on the knowledge, you can be confident of keeping the German Shepherds and Golden Retrievers stay peacefully under your lovely pet family. 

Please keep in mind that both dogs are working breeds, so you should not keep them in the cage for a long time as it will deteriorate their mental and physical health, which adversely impacts their longevity. 

If you need any information or further advice, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are here to give you a hand.

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