Do German Shepherds Like To Swim? – Your Pet’s Cute Secret!

Do German Shepherds Like To Swim
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German Shepherds are well-known for being clever and loyal dogs. However, to live a happy life, they require physical and mental stimulation. So if you’ve ever wondered, “Do German shepherds like to swim?” this post is for you!

Join in to find out if your pet can be a best friend to water or not!

Do German Shepherds Like To Swim

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Do German Shepherds Like Water?

According to recent research by the National Canine Research Council, no unique dog appreciates swimming more than another. However, many breeds enjoy water sports such as hunting or retrieving and playing around in the pool with their owners. 

You could assume, “German shepherds do not detest water because that’s normal for dogs”. Nevertheless, some dislike water while others love it.

It’s possible to teach German shepherds to swim if they are appropriately trained. However, there are complex reasons for their reactivity to water, which some people dismiss as nothing more than a trivial matter.

Reasons Why Your Dog May Like Or Dislike Water

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Even though German shepherds are not bred to swim, they like to play with water, so if allowed, my dog could spend an entire day swimming.

Keep cool during the scorching summers.

On a scorching day, German shepherds love to play in the water to cool off. So they are always up for an adventure in water! 

Even though it is still summer, these dogs can enjoy themselves without worrying about getting overheated.

Burn off excess energy.

Shepherds are known to be very energetic dogs. They need to get some fresh air every day by walking, running, or playing fetch with their canine friends at the park!

Swimming is one method to get your German Shepherd’s blood pumping, providing both physical exercise and the cerebral stimulation they need.


Each dog is different. Some may enjoy the water while others may not. If your dog dislikes or distrusts water, there might be a reason for it.

They didn’t get enough exposure to it as a puppy.

When it comes to training your dog, the younger they are, the easier it will be for you to teach them. Puppies have more potential than older dogs. When your dog was a puppy, they may not have had enough exposure to water, so they may not want to interact with it once an adult.

They can still learn to enjoy water and swim, but the process may take some time and instruction.

They had a negative water-related experience. 

If your dog goes through a “negative encounter” with water in the past, they may feel reluctant to do it now. 

For example, if a German Shepherd disliked bathing or was afraid of swimming, they will need to reverse that negative experience before retraining their feelings towards the water.

If you have a dog, start slow and be patient. For example, play in the water with your dog, or let it put its paw into the kiddie pool. It offers lots of positive reinforcement each time they do something new like this!

Different Water Types Affect German Shepherd’s Swimming Habits

German shepherds enjoy swimming, but you should keep their adventurousness in check. 

Water occurs in many different forms, including freshwater and saltwater. When German shepherds are swimming, they typically consume a small amount of water, so it is best to keep them in freshwater.

For one thing, saltwater can be dangerous for their health as it may lead to dehydration or vomiting (or both!). Plus, swimming with waves makes things even more difficult because they’re fighting against currents too! 

So, even though your dog enjoys swimming, remember to use caution.

Can German Shepherds Swim?

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There is no definitive solution to this query. German shepherds, on the other hand, can swim in general. So the only thing that matters is whether they like water or dislike it. That is why we started with the previous topic.

You may be wondering if your German Shepherd could swim and whether it’s a good idea for you to take him into the water. Fear not! We’re here with all of our answers.

Are German Shepherds Natural Swimmers?

German Shepherds are excellent swimmers due to their agility and strength. However, they aren’t natural swimmers as they did not inherit the ability to swim like other types.

German Shepherds can swim, but they’re not as good at it. They don’t swim as well as Golden retrievers and Labrador retrievers.

How To Help Your German Shepherd Have Fun In The Water?

Have trouble getting your German Shepherd to enjoy any water?

The following are some pointers:

Give them water that they enjoy!

What types of water do German shepherds prefer? Perhaps it’s a kid pool, sprinkler, and even it’s a hose assault when you’re watering the flowers.

Watch your Shepherd’s body language as you introduce him to various types of water to identify what he is comfortable with. Then, allow them to enjoy everything they want.

Stick to freshwater

When you take your dog for a swim, be sure to stay in freshwater and avoid saltwater. Additionally, ocean waves could pose some problems. Saltwater generally doesn’t agree well with the German Shepherd’s natural instinctive taste preferences.

Make it entertaining

Have you ever seen a canine play fetch in the pool with a human? It is so much fun for both of them! 

Whether it’s water balloon tug-of-war, cannonball tournament, or just playing catch up by throwing one another under sprinklers, these activities will keep your canine happy and enjoy.

Keep them healthy

After swimming with your dog, always dry their ears off to avoid infections. Water in the canal due to ear wax or infection can cause problems for them in the future! So the best way is by using a cotton ball and soft towel after getting out.

If you observe your dog shaking its head or scratching at its ears excessively, it’s time to take them to the vet. An ear infection may have occurred, which will make your pet most likely be painful!


We hope you found this post interesting. What are your thoughts on your dog? Do German shepherds like to swim, or do they prefer the land more than water? 

If you still have questions about these beautiful dogs or want to learn more about them, do not hesitate to contact me at any time!

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