All About German Shepherd Chow Mix: 3 Facts Revealed By Experts

3 Facts you need to know German Shepherd Chow Mix
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Pets are gradually becoming an essential member of the family. Therefore, choosing it also requires a lot of effort and time. This article refers to the German Shepherd Chow Mix, a cross between a German Shepherd and a Chow. 

Some people prefer purebred dogs when it is between the personality and the inherent characteristics of the species. Others choose hybrid dogs when combining character and appearance becomes more attractive and lovable.

The medium-sized German Shepherd Chow Mix inherits good qualities from the famous parent breed. They can monitor and protect their owners very well.

Moreover, the German Chow Mix is ​​very loyal in all circumstances and will not be changed by other influences if you carefully nurture it.

Although they are not the best choice for beginners, you can try the German Chow Mix. Here are the specific characteristics and notes you need to consider when raising this dog.

The Price

The Price is cheaper than the purebred dog  (link)

Today, purebred dog breeds are higher than mixed ones. The German Chow Mix will be cheaper than other famous dog breeds.

People have taken measures and breeding techniques to breed to take the need and desire to own a good breed. It is the cause of health problems for German Chow Mix.

Price should not be the first consideration when choosing the pet you own. Lower-priced dogs will have more problems. You should review your supplier’s breeding and breeding documentation and test the dog in person before making a purchase decision.

Overall, the German Chow Mix costs around $800 – $1000. It depends a lot on the size of the animal you want to own.

3 Facts About German Shepherd Chow Mix

3 Facts you need to know (link)

Half German Shepherd

German Chow Mix is ​​an animal that is half a German Shepherd. It means that this species inherits many wonderful traits when you keep them indoors.

Humans bred the German Shepherd in Germany in the 19th and 20th centuries relatively. The main task of this animal is herding high-class cattle with a strong, intelligent, and hardworking nature. However, this task almost disappeared when humans used machines and other devices to herd livestock.

Therefore, they are almost useless in agriculture and service for the army and police. The dogs become professional searchers and rescuers thanks to the changing environment and intelligent nature. They also help police detect drugs and act as guard dogs.

Half Chow Chow

Besides having German shepherd blood, this dog is also a Chow. They are an old breed of dog from the Northern part of China or Mongolia. The main job of this dog is to hunt and guard the house, wealth, and property for the owner.

The name is associated with when British sailors carried a number as cargo.

They are characterized by their large size with straight legs and thick double coats. This breed is active and works well in winter but will feel hot in summer due to its thick coat. Moreover, you also need to clean the fur with a tool to constantly clean and ventilate.

Today’s breed is reserved, intelligent, stubborn, and needs a plenty of socialization. Therefore, you need certain patience when participating in exercise because of instinctive stubbornness.

The ideal guard dog

The combination of two breeds with intelligent, hardworking personalities will make you want them to protect you no matter what, especially at night. 

Moreover, they are excellent loyal dogs, unyielding and willing to sacrifice for their owners. German Shepherd Chow Mix will warn of danger and fight strangers who want to attack you.

Temperament & Smartness

He is intelligent to be stubborn (link)

Due to the two bloodlines of German Shepherd and Chow, the German Chow Mix possesses an intelligent, hardworking personality and tends to be stubborn. They were a bit aloof but better than most breeds that exist today. 

At the same time, this species is very loyal, will protect you as best as possible, and always wants to receive the attention of its owner.

Therefore, it can feel boring or abandoned when you are not interested. German Chow Mix needs a lot of mental and physical stimulation.

Besides the duties of the previous shepherd dog or working in the military and police, very few people choose the German Chow Mix as a pet in the house. Yet, if you want them to integrate into the family, raise this species early.

Also, you can teach your child to respect and love animals and be a good friend.

Things To Consider

Diet & Food

Packed food might be the ideal choice (link)

The size of the German Shepherd Chow Mix is ​​average, so it needs a lot of energy to live and work. All you need to do is feed them once or twice a day on a regular schedule. Moreover, you also limit them to snacks.

In addition to feeding according to the instructions on the dog food packaging, you can consult your veterinarian. These experts will tell you the best amount of food for your pet’s size and age.


The training (link)

Depending on the different purposes of owning a dog for yourself, the training will also be added. If you need them to herd sheep or serve police searches, you need to train them most severely.

Furthermore, due to its stubborn nature, you need patience and positive mental stimulation for the German Chow Mix. Because if you scold, it can cause the opposite reaction, making this species mentally unstable, and training will bring bad results.


Exercise is essential to humans, and so are animals. However, this job for the German Chow Mix is ​​not simple and easy.

It would help if you gave them daily exercise such as walking or jogging to help release energy and bring back the best health. In addition, when they participate in outdoor activities, they will keep their spirits and behavior right.

Health and Care

Most German Chow Mix-breeds will have similar problems. If Minor Conditions are present, they may have Hip dysplasia or Eyelid Entropion. If Serious Conditions, it could be Elbow dysplasia or Gastric Dilatation-volvulus.

They are healthy for most of their lives, but you should also take them to the vet for regular checkups. It will help them limit and detect possible diseases early.


Due to its thick, smooth coat, the German Chow Mix will quickly shed all year round. Therefore, you need to brush the dog’s two and three times on each week and bathe them about once a month.

Also, check your ears for debris or pests. You only need to trim their nails twice a week or when you notice their nails grow and brush their teeth once a week. Now, check this video for more things to follow.

Reason To Buy


German Chow Mix is ​​entirely able to work, function, and have fun when alone. Yet, it would help if you did not leave them for too long. It would help if you played activities that bond with its owners, like walking or petting.


He is highly loyal (link)

Due to possessing the personality of two dog breeds, the German Chow Mix can get along and get to know your family members. Moreover, they are also very obedient to their owners and obey their orders.

Besides, if you own a dog from a young age and interact with children, the two will become trusted friends.


This breed possesses intelligence, even surpassing that of their parent breed. You can use this trait to train them to obey.

Reason To Avoid

Easily bored

German Chow Mix is ​​quite similar to its parent dog, German Shepherd, and they are brilliant and active. So this species needs constant stimulation; you need to play, train and socialize with it. 

Moreover, suppose you do not allow your dog to participate in physical activities like hiking, jogging, or exercising. In that case, they are very susceptible to health problems and several diseases.

Pretty destructive

From the personality of this dog, they get bored very quickly. In addition, if you do not choose and create positive living habits for your pet, they can cause serious injury to the surrounding environment. 

Therefore, the owner of this species needs to be positive and loving, caring for them whenever possible.


Traits inherited from the Chow mother dog or the owners lead to aggressive behavior, especially when you don’t let this breed get along with other dogs and people.


How long do chow mixes live?

The lifespan of this species ranges from 10 to 15 years. However, this number depends on how you nurture and protect them.

Besides taking them for walks and regular exercise, you need to wash regularly, trim, cut nails, and brush teeth. 15 years as a friend can also be extended if you take your pet to the vet for vaccinations and promising supplements for the dog.

Are Chow mixes aggressive?

The answer is that this species can be aggressive with strangers or people who attack their owners. They are not usually friendly, outgoing dogs. However, this species is always devoted and protective of its family.

You also need to pay attention to nurturing, caring, and creating a positive, comfortable space every day or during exercise. 

If you do not regularly take them for walks or training, they are likely to suffer from physical diseases and easily affect them psychologically.

How big do Chow mixes get?

Currently, this breed is a relatively new hybrid dog, so there are a small number of size standards with this breed.

However, based on the parent breed mix, the average size of the German Chow Mix will range from medium to large.

Precisely, they weigh between 45 and 90 pounds and height at the shoulder between 22 and 26 inches. It will depend on many crossbreeding traits and the size of the original parents. Some will be smaller or larger than average.

Do all chow mixes have black tongues?

Most Chows have a pink tongue at birth, not a blue language, and become blue-black as they age. It is related to the pigment changes in dogs, which usually complete this change by the time the puppy is about six months old.

Chow and the Shar-Peis species from China have a blue-black tongue standard if a Chow with incomplete pigmentation is not eligible to participate in competitions and is from the breed standard.

Currently, there are more than 30 species of dogs with black-spotted tongues, but it is not related to chow mixes or Shar-Pei in crossbreeding.

The cause of tongue color difference, not pink, is due to heavy pigmentation microscopic melanin particles similar to freckles or birthmarks.


The German Chow Mix is ​​a breed of dog gradually becoming a man’s best friend. They can do many things when around their owners, especially when receiving positive energy; the emotions of this species are also happier and more pleasant.

Moreover, they are born to be dogs that perform many tasks such as herding sheep, searching and supporting the army and police when carefully trained.

On the contrary, if you lead a harmful lifestyle, the dog can create feelings of fear and aggression, attacking people or other animals.

Once they have become your friend and your entire world, they will always be loyal, excelling in the tasks you give them. If you love animals, German Shepherd Chow Mix will be a top choice for you.

Hopefully, the article will be useful to you by providing practical information. Don’t forget to leave a comment or share below so we can talk and support you more. Thank you for reading!

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