How To Take Care Of German Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix [10 Useful Tips]

German Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix
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German Shepherds and Golden Retrievers are two quite famous dog breeds globally. If the German Shepherd is known as a traditional cattle hunting dog, the Golden Retriever is a British retriever with a smooth coat and gentle nature.

However, have you heard of the “German Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix“? 

Quite a few people have chosen these two breeds to breed and make this combination gradually become popular. They also gave the children of these two breeds a pretty cool name – Golden Shepherd.

The Golden Shepherd is a hybrid dog with an active, loyal and intelligent appearance. If you are hesitant to take care of it, this article is for you. Read on to know more interesting information about this hybrid dog.

German Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix: How To Take Care?

German Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix

German Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix (link)

Before mentioning the characteristics and care regimen for the Golden Shepherd, we would like to share some interesting information about the German Shepherd and the Golden.

  • German Shepherd

German Shepherd (more commonly known as Alsatian) is a medium to large German working dog breed. Max von Stephanitz developed it in 1899 from traditional German herding breeds.

They are usually red-black or brown-black with a domed forehead and a long square-cut muzzle. They are characterized by intelligence, loyalty, and protection of their owners.

  • Golden Retriever

Users commonly know it as a medium-sized British retriever. Notably, this breed of dog is favored by some Western countries to keep as pets. 

They are characterized by a docile, obedient nature with striking golden plumage. Besides, it also regularly appears in dog shows with obedience challenges, gundog, and more.

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These two dog breeds have outstanding characteristics and abilities. Therefore, the German Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix will have significant advantages, especially with purebred hybrids.

There is no detailed study on where and when they were first born, but some famous researchers believe them to be of American origin. 

To know more details, continue reading and following the article because we will cover the complete information about this dog breed.

Size & Appearance

German Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix - Size & Appearance

Size & Appearance (link)

When it comes to the size of this dog, we find it more characteristic. With a height ranging from 21 inches to 26 inches and a weight of about 50 to 80. pounds, depending on gender.

It has a body like a German Shepherd and a head like a Golden Retriever. In general, its appearance is very prominent and tall. 

The German Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix has a muzzle like a German Shepherd with solid teeth like a Golden Shepherd forming a wedge shape with tight lips. Not only that, almond-shaped eyes are incredibly sharp and deep.

The front and rear legs are also quite firm, and the back of the body develops strongly without sagging or skewing.

The German Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix produces a truly wild-looking crossbreed with big dark eyes, a long, thick tail, and large feet.

Coat & Colors

The Golden Shepherd is a cross between two species characterized by thick fur to possess a long and quite wide double layer of wings. So its ability to shed hair is not too much, so it will not irritate.

Talking about the Golden Shepherd’s color, they will have a smooth golden-brown coat. However, depending on the breed and breeding characteristics, its coat can be a mixture of black and tan, dark yellow, jet black, solid white, or solid brown.


German Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix -Exercise

Exercise (link)

Some information about the training regimen for this hybrid is undoubted of interest to many people. A Golden shepherd is a breed that requires high energy, so they need to ensure a minimum of one hour for exercise.

Walking in the park is also a form of exercise, but it does not make this dog burn calories. You give it a few different fitness activities to maximize its sensitivity.

Some exercises you can consider and give them a try are water polo, jogging in the park or the woods, etc.


German Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix - Training

Training (link)

Perhaps you all know this dog comes from two intelligent, responsive and obedient dog breeds. So training is also relatively quick without taking too much of your time.

To maximize the training time, you should consider training it early. Let’s start with the simplest things like exposure to familiar sounds, handling situations, and more.

Suppose you want to train him professionally. In that case, you might consider taking him to dog training classes to give him more opportunities to experience and deal with anxiety behaviors more quickly.

In particular, a suggestion that we think will be useful to you is that after the training period, no matter the results, give your dog a reward, maybe a toy or a treat to eat something they especially like.

Besides, you can’t guarantee that the training process will be risk-free, so use a leash when they are not in a safe area.


This crossbreed is extremely strong and resilient when it comes to health. Their average lifespan can range from 10 to 14 years, sometimes much longer, especially with purebred breeds.

However, they cannot avoid health problems, especially for large dogs. 

Not all dogs get the disease, but in this breed, they often experience conditions such as elbow and hip dysplasia due to abnormal formation of joints; worst is joint paralysis, torsion stomach due to flatulence, etc.

In addition, they are also prone to eye diseases such as Uveitis Pigmentosa or retinal atrophy. Worse, they are at risk for degenerative diseases of the spinal cord, affecting the brain and leading to immobilization of the limbs.

As we mentioned earlier, they can be very healthy and can also be very susceptible to disease at times. So if there are any suspicious signs, make sure to take him to the vet as soon as possible.

Nutrition & Feed

German Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix - Nutrition & Feed

Nutrition & Feed (link)

Typically, a cross between a German Shepherd and a Golden Retriever can consume about 3-4 cups of food per day, depending on their activity level. 

If they are not very active, you should consider cutting down on the portion size to avoid your dog becoming obese and significantly affecting the hip and elbow joints.

The Golden Shepherd is an exceptional hybrid, so make sure the food you choose is rich in nutrients so it can maintain its maximum energy levels. Look for foods that are high in protein and have fewer carbs.

Plus, you also need to ensure its training time should be far away from meals to minimize the possibility of intestinal torsion.


They have a relatively thick and long coat, so brushing can sometimes be challenging. They need to brush their coat 2-3 times a week, and this needs to be maintained regularly to ensure their skin is always smooth and healthy. 

You also need to pay attention to how often they bathe, especially when they get muddy when walking.

In particular, you need to pay attention to brushing it daily when it enters the shedding period. In addition, you also need to check your sofa and floor regularly to avoid the fluff getting on clothes or a few other objects.


The price of a dog will range from $800 or more. Unlike standard dog breeds, breed dogs need to make sure you choose a reputable shop to make sure you won’t have to take your dog to the vet regularly.

Most reputable breeders complete Golden Shepherd registration with IDCR. To be sure, ask to see the documentation that your dog is from a healthy background. So make sure you do a thorough check before bringing your favorite dog home.


When your dog has some problems, such as getting lost or suddenly missing, contact your local German Shepherd or Golden Retriever because they will most likely find the Golden Shepherd.

Usually, there will be a waiting list at some rescue centers, and of course, they will notify you as soon as they find any clues.

Need a family

German Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix 1

He always needs a family (link)

As you probably already know, this breed is very affectionate and loving. So it needs a family. Therefore, it does not seem suitable to be alone for too long. If you own it, make sure you and your family need more time to take care of it.

To keep your dog in tip-top shape, make sure you all know the following:

  • Golden Shepherds are mischievous, so they are better suited to an active family and expose them to regular recreational activities.
  • You need to make sure they get at least 1 hour of exercise a day, be it walking, running, or playing water polo.
  • They are quite intelligent sensitive, so they need training and training to maximize their abilities.
  • They need a large house with secure backyard access.
  • They usually shed moderately with a long, thick coat.
  • They do not seem to be too suitable for people who are easily allergic to dog hair.

For more experience, check this video below:


We have covered in full and in detail how you can best understand and care for your crossbreed from the German Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix. 

Besides the care instructions, there is certainly a lot to explore around this exciting topic. So, we have listed the frequently asked questions.

1. How long does a German Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix live?

Your dog’s longevity depends quite a lot on you giving him regular exercise as well as quality food and food. In addition, good disease prevention also plays an important role.

With enough of the above factors, your German Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix will live a healthy life for a long time, ranging from 10 to 14 years. 

However, during the care process, if there are abnormal signs, take them to the veterinarian to maintain their health and prolong their life as long as possible.

2. Do Golden Retrievers bark a lot?

Most dogs will bark. However, Golden Retrievers are pretty friendly pet dogs and have the proper training time. Moreover, most of them grew up in a loving and comfortable environment.

They seem to be more distinct than the rest of the dog breeds, so they bark less.

3. Do Golden Retrievers like to cuddle?

It can be that innately, Golden Retrievers are very affectionate and friendly. Therefore, they love to be cuddled and loved by family members. If you own a Golden Retriever, cuddle and pat it often so that it can feel your love for them.

An exciting piece of information that you should know about this dog is that they also love to cuddle with other animals. That is why Golden Retrievers became the choice for therapy dogs.

Are Golden Retrievers lazy dogs?

Golden Retrievers are not lazy. However, they are pretty quiet, gentle, and loving to their owners. You should spend more time with them to make them more active and improve their health and longevity in a long time.


We have provided complete information about the characteristics, training regime, diet, and much other interesting information about the German Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix. We hope it will be helpful to you.

We also answered frequently asked questions about this hybrid dog. Hopefully, you will no longer have any problems in the process of taking care of this dog.

If you have any problems, please leave your comment right below this article. We will send you a response as soon as possible. Thank you for reading!

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