30 Lovable German Shepherd Mixes: Which One Is Best For You?

30 Popular German Shepherd Mixes
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A lovely, loyal, and intelligent dog are the characteristics mentioned about German Shepherds. In addition, this breed is known for its athletic nature and great loyalty to its owners.

The German Shepherd as if it couldn’t be any better. Today, it combines to create many superior hybrids. There are many German Shepherd mixes that really stand out with lots of cute traits.

If you are interested in this breed, do not skip the list detailed below!

30 Popular German Shepherd Mixes 

Nowadays, you have many choices when looking for a hybrid shepherd dog. Our experts have compiled 30 well-loved German Shepherd Mixes. The names below always have a particular attraction, making you can’t help but consider.

German Shepherd Pitbull Mix

Pitbull Mix (link)

When looking at the two types of dogs that make up this four-legged friend, many think that the German Pit is aggressive, difficult to train, and unfriendly with small children.

However, the German Shepherd and Pitbull hybrid are calmer and more affectionate than you might think. At the same time, retaining its parents’ traits, the breed is both a loyal friend and a reliable guardian and highly authoritative.

You can repress this breed’s dominance and unwanted personality traits by training it from a young age. The best time to teach this breed of social skills and discipline is in the seventh week of life.

In addition to the note about starting training early, when choosing this hybrid animal, you need to pay attention to taking care of their sensitive skin. You should only bathe the German shepherd pitbull mix about once a month compared to some other pets.

German Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix

Golden Retriever Mix (link)

There is no doubt that the German Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix will produce beautiful crossbreeds. Both the Golden and German shepherd lines are famous dog breeds with thick, silky coats, deep ears, and gorgeous bodies.

Besides, you will surely love this hybrid dog for its playful, friendly with many other pets, and affectionate with people.

Before deciding to adopt a four-legged friend of this breed, you need to consider a few issues such as:

First, the German Shepherd Golden mix needs a diet high in protein but low in fat.

Second, you should prepare more vegetables, fruits, and many other foods to support the development process, especially the bones of animals. 

Third, the thick, shiny coat of this beautiful four-legged friend also requires regular care and grooming.

If you’re not ready to get the pet’s hair removed from every nook and cranny of your apartment, you may want to think twice before getting a German Shepherd Golden mix.

Blue Heeler German Shepherd Mix

Blue Heeler Mix (link)

The Blue Shepherd is a cross between the Blue Heeler and the German Shepherd. This hybrid was first tested three decades ago and popularized in recent years.

This hybrid is getting more attention due to the exceptional characteristics. You will have an intelligent, loyal, 4-legged guardian dedicated to the task at hand.

One of the most common tasks this breed often undertakes is herding livestock, protecting the family like an experienced leader.

That’s not to say you can’t adopt a hybrid of the Blue Heeler and German Shepherd lines as a family pet.

However, you should note the Blue Heeler is not usually a child-friendly animal. The hybrid of this dog line may need to be trained and taught carefully before appearing in a family with children.

Border Collie German Shepherd Mix

If you are a first-time dog owner and have a particular interest in the German Shepherd and its hybrids, the Collie Shepherd will be a great choice.

When crossed with the Border collie, the German Shepherd dog reduces some of its disadvantages, instead of becoming affectionate and affectionate while not requiring too strict training.

It’s not about teaching your dog commands or bringing your dog to training sessions; all you need to do for your pet is play regularly. Your active hybrid will stay happy and friendly with just two hours of play a day.

In addition to performance issues, when adopting a German Shepherd, you need to keep a few health issues in mind. This breed often encounters some of the pathological symptoms of epilepsy or hip dysplasia.

German Shepherd Wolf Mix

 Wolf Mix (link)

You might be surprised at the possibility of crossbreeding between a domestic dog and a wolf. But, despite having separated more than 100,000 years ago, in theory, these two breeds are still the same species and can ultimately produce healthy individuals.

The children of these two lines are healthy and have many outstanding advantages. For example, strong, protective, and leadership, so it is exceptionally suitable to guard the herd.

In terms of appearance, it is possible that this breed has not changed much when compared to the German Shepherd because inherently, both dog lines have no difference. To tell them apart, you’ll likely rely on a few features such as a smaller skull, pointy ears, and brown eyes.

Before you want to adopt this feral four-legged friend, a final note is a matter of law. Because in some areas, this type of hybrid dog is illegal.

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German Shepherd Chow Mix

The Chow Chow is a powerful dog breed. When combined with the German Shepherd, you have a hybrid that is both protective and lovable with splendid features in character.

Specifically, in terms of cuteness, you definitely won’t be able to resist a dog with mane-like fur and a face with remarkable highlights.

In addition to inheriting outstanding points in appearance, this hybrid dog also has a series of advantages such as intelligence and ease of training. In particular, this breed is entirely independent when working and entertaining itself, even when alone.

That is not to say that you do not need to spend time playing with this adorable creature. Simple games help you better interact with your pet and limit the anxiety and boredom of this four-legged friend.

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German Shepherd Pug Mix

German Shepherd Pug Mix (link)

The Pug is a rather lovable dog with a small but muscular and influential body. When crossed with a sheepdog – a breed that stands out for its tall build, the Pugger Shepherds have a slightly stout, stocky appearance like the Pug, and its strong fangs can threaten any hostile object.

This hybrid dog is very friendly with children and family members. Once you and your adopted mixed-breed dog have a specific bond, you will indeed be surprised at how cheerful and friendly this breed can be.

If you want to train your dog for a job such as guarding or keeping track of livestock, you will have to be strong to change this strong-willed pet.

German Shepherd Beagle Mix

As the name suggests, the Beagle Shepherd is a cross between a Beagle and a German Shepherds.

The Beagle has a lovely appearance with a strong body and smooth tricolor coat. Although belonging to hunting dogs, the Beagle has a relatively small body and an attractive appearance.

Meanwhile, the German Shepherds have a rather muscular, strong body, and the appearance sometimes gives the impression of ferocity.

When the two names above are combined, you will have a hybrid dog that combines all the advantages while overcoming many disadvantages.

The Beagle Shepherd is not too large for other hunting dogs but is quite strong with prominent muscles. Besides, the coat is also a great combination between the short hair of the Beagle and the long, thick coat of the German Shepherd.

In addition to appearance, this hybrid dog also inherits many beautiful features in the personality of both. Beagle Shepherds has both the affection and playfulness of the Beagle, and the intelligence of a sheepdog.

The only problem with this hybrid breed is that both parents are hunting dogs, so they need to socialize early to limit aggression or wildness in action.

German Shepherd Husky Mix

Husky Mix (link)

A cross between a German Shepherd and a Husky has a separate name, Shepsky.

The most distinctive feature of Shepsky is strength and fantastic intelligence. Because there is a part of the gene of the Husky breed – a dog from Northeast Asia with a cold climate, the Shepsky has a pretty good heat tolerance.

With many of the above advantages, you can see that Shepsky uncles do many different tasks, from serving in the army, police, or search and rescue.

Suppose you want to cradle the Shepsky as a house pet. In that case, you will probably encounter a lot of unfavorable information, such as a powerful bite or the appearance of some slightly aggressive individuals. However, in reality, the Shepsky is still a great family pet, even for families with children.


If you love the look of lovable Labradors but want your pet to have a certain amount of caution and composure, you will love the Labrashepherd hybrid.

In terms of appearance, the Labra Shepherd has a thick, silky coat – an advantage that has appeared on both parents of this hybrid dog.

Most of the crossbreed dogs between these two breeds you meet will have a face, head, and back that have many Labrador-like features. Meanwhile, the legs and tail are pretty similar to purebred German Shepherds.

You can also identify this four-legged friend with his sharp teeth. Therefore, if you choose to keep this breed, a note is to limit agitation to avoid them chewing and damaging things.

Another notable feature in the personality of this hybrid dog is a bit shy when getting used to the environment and new things and animals. 

Therefore, when adopting a Labrador Shepherds, you need to create the most friendly environment for the dog to get used to slowly.

Mastiff Shepherds

Mastiff Shepherd (link)

It may be a little difficult for you to find the most common things to describe the appearance of a Mastiff Shepherds. The reason lies in the fact that there are quite a few Mastiff breeds with their characteristics.

But that’s not to say you can’t recognize the Mastiff Shepherds among so many other crossbreeds.

The Mastiff Shepherds will have some characteristic features such as folded ears, a large abdomen, and feet. At the same time, most of these dogs inherit the German Shepherd’s snout, so this part is quite large and robust.

In terms of size, the Mastiff German Shepherd’s weight will fall between 1.9 – 3 ft and about 36 – 91 kg.

As for coat color, it can be that the Mastiff German Shepherds are hybrid dog with the most diverse coat colors. You can find gray, brown, black, and even little red individuals.

In addition, you can also own a hybrid dog with a yellow coat if their parents are a British German Shepherd or Neapolitan Mastiff.

Siberian Shepherd

It is difficult to determine the origin and the time when this hybrid dog appeared. Just know that dog expert came up with this idea because they wanted a first-class working dog with great strength.

And indeed, the combination of Siberian Husky and German Shepherd can completely meet the above expectations. Even today, these hybrid dogs are also in charge of the work of the army and police.

A typical Siberian Shepherd will fluctuate between 35 – 88 lbs in terms of weight. You will often see hybrid dogs with black-brown or black-and-white colors in terms of appearance. In particular, you can see some dogs with colors such as blue, gray, and even red.

Corger Shepherd

Both are early dog ​​breeds that have served humans in herding, ensuring safety, so the combination of Corgi and German Shepherd is worth looking forward to.

And if you expect to have a dog that is both sweet, cute, and highly territorial, the Corger Shepherd will be the ideal choice.

The sweetness of this hybrid comes from its beautiful eyes and its silky soft coat with warm colors. However, the upper coat can cause you some problems, such as hair appearing in every corner of the house or requiring regular grooming to avoid tangles.

Despite her cute appearance, the Shepherd Corgi is quite active. Boredom can cause them to destroy anything around them. Besides, the intelligence of these dogs also does not allow them to be moody. Instead, they are constantly moving and playing.

The hyperactivity of this hybrid dog is one of the reasons why the Corgi German Shepherd often has problems such as slipped discs or joint dysplasia.


Chihuahuas are a small, agile and intelligent dog breed, but only suitable for companionship and completely unable to serve in the army, police, or rescue.

Meanwhile, the German Shepherd has a large, muscular physique and sometimes extremely wild nature.

The above characteristics may make the cross between these two breeds feasible. Therefore, it is pretty understandable that you do not currently find much information about this hybrid dog breed.

If possible, you should consider adopting a Chigerpherd. This breed is very suitable for apartments with limited space because of its small size and a small amount of hair loss.

The dynamic, agile nature of the Chihuahua combined with the stability and affection of the German Shepherd makes this crossbreed a great companion to keep.

But you need to be aware that, given the personality of the Chihuahua, this crossbreed can be overly active. If you keep your pet in a confined space for too long, you may face aggression from your small dog.

German Aussie

German Aussie (link)

As the name suggests, the German Aussie is a cross between two sheepdogs from two different continents.

Because the father and mother are both strong shepherds, it is not too difficult to understand that the German Aussie has an average height of about 26″. The weight fluctuates between 35 – 90 lbs and, more importantly, the looming Thick, waterproof.

Besides having outstanding appearance features, this hybrid dog also inherits a series of qualities that have made its parents famous: sharp senses, absolute loyalty, intelligence, and ease of training.

Although inheriting many outstanding advantages of both types of dogs, undeniably, German Aussie still requires you to consider quite a lot before deciding to adopt.

One of the main problems is that the large ears of this breed can be prone to infection, thus requiring regular cleaning. Or you might have trouble keeping this versatile, active hybrid in an apartment or small space.

German Corso

The German Corso is a cross between the German Shepherd and the Cane Corso – the two top names for guard dogs.

Therefore, it is not difficult to understand that this combination has resulted in a hybrid dog with absolute loyalty and a protective ability that is entirely worth considering.

The only note before adopting this breed is that you should improve the inherent advantages as well as overcome the wildness in the individual by early intervention and training.

German Akita

Some studies suggest that the Akita Shepherds are hybrid dogs that existed very early in the wild. However, the name German Akita only appeared in 1950, when breeders first began to breed these two breeds intentionally.

The main aim of the breeders was to keep the discipline and protection of the Japanese Akita breed, combined with the loyalty of the German Shepherds. And the practice has proven breeders have succeeded in this.

The German Akita hybrid has received much attention because of its intelligence, loyalty, and excellent protective ability.

Any hybridization comes with imperfections. In this case, if you are a person who is sensitive and allergic to fur and silk, perhaps the seasonal shedding of this hybrid dog is the minus point for you to consider.


Active, dedicated, loyal, these virtues are all concentrated in the Shollies – one of the most outstanding hybrid versions of the German Shepherds.

Unlike many hybrid dog breeds that have appeared above, Shollie sheds relatively minor and is very friendly with family members, especially children.

If the contact subject is a member of the family, this four-legged friend behaves differently. Loyalty to her master makes Shollie alienated from strangers.

Maybe the above is an advantage for you. If in the event that you welcome more guests or your family has a new relative, your four-legged friend will have to take a long time to get used to and acclimatize.

In addition to the possible difficulties with acclimatizing your pet to the environment, you also need to consider adding physical exercises to help keep your dog full of energy.

Specifically, you should exercise with your beloved dog, run, walk. A lack of these activities can cause dogs to become less energetic.

If you can’t take the Shollies for a walk and do a series of intense exercises, you can also suggest some form of mental puzzles such as food puzzles, friendly sports, etc. 

All the above additions are intended to entertain Shollie, thereby avoiding distraction and performing a series of destructive actions.

Rhodesian Shepherd

Rhodesian Shepherds (link)

Both Rhodesian Shepherd’s parents – German Shepherds and Rhodesian Ridgeback, are known for their hard work. Therefore, this breed is always full of energy and can be ready to work at any time.

The above hard work also makes the Rhodesian Shepherd’s training needs superior to many other dog breeds.

This breed is often more suitable for those with experience or who have a lot of time and space to train and play with dogs. 

Especially, if you love outdoor activities, including hiking, you will love bringing along creatures like the Rhodesian Shepherd.


You must have guessed the father and mother of this hybrid dog: GermanShepherd and Catahoula from the name.

This rather strange combination has created energetic, always cheerful individuals. And like any dog ​​with a similar personality, the Catahoula German Shepherd loves to play with you for hours on end.

If they cannot be active regularly or are left alone, this breed often has quite adverse reactions such as vandalism, chewing objects, or making noise.

In addition to the problem of destroying items, Catashepherd is also one of the most complicated names to train.

The reason is that this hybrid creature still flows the blood of the Catahoula, which is entirely independent. Only when you have the correct method, can your four-legged friend learn the commands and tricks you share.

To be more effective in instructing and being serious, you should have reinforcement measures for these intelligent dogs to remember and follow your commands.


Dobgerpherd (link)

If you do not have too much experience, you will probably be confused by the energy and will of this breed. But if you are a good trainer, you will certainly easily connect with the Dobgerpherd and appreciate this hybrid friend’s intelligence and protective abilities.

The Doberman German Shepherds are quite dominant. With a fierce look, a maximum weight of 110lbs, and a substantial nature, the Dobgerpherd is one of the options for the best protection.

The dominant nature also partly explains the above problem, when an inexperienced person can hardly subdue this dog. If you don’t let this stubborn four-legged friend know about your leadership ability, your strength, you will hardly become a valid owner.


Newfoundland is a cross between a wolf and a giant mastiff. However, the friend from Canada is quite gentle and exemplary. Thanks to being strong and intelligent, hard-working, this breed is often active in the role of a lifeguard.

When you combine a hard-working hybrid from a cold area with a German Shepherds – another equally hard-working representative, you get the Newfougerpherd.

Newfougerpherd has the composure and discipline of Newfoundland, and at the same time, has loyalty, always ready to protect the German Shepherd’s family.

When adopting this lovable friend, you shouldn’t have too many annoying problems, except you should pay attention to the elbow and hip health of this hybrid dog.

Corman Shepherds

Like the German Akita, the Corman Shepherds have survived in the wild for many years and only purposefully bred in the early 2000s.

Starting from the above period, intelligent, alert dogs that inherited all the advantages of Corgi and German Shepherds became famous and received fervent love.

One of the advantages of this hybrid dog is its devotion and loyalty. Yet, the downside is destructive behavior if you don’t pay attention and take care of it regularly.

Rottweiler Shepherds

Rottweiler Shepherd (link)

The German Shepherds Rottweiler Mix goes by many names, such as “Shepweiler,” “Shottie,” “Rottie Shepherds,” or “Rottweiler Shepherds.”

This breed is usually 27″ tall and weighs 115 lbs, and the main identifying feature is the thick coat and moderate shedding. 

Their ears are more similar to the Rottweiler ancestor than the shepherds dog. Meanwhile, the nose and eyes are similar to most dogs when they are all black.

Previously, Shottie’s main task was to protect and guard. This breed can thoroughly complete the task thanks to its strength, intelligence, and flexibility.

Even with 115 lbs, many people who come in contact for the first time may misunderstand that the Rottweiler Shepherd is too aggressive.

Reality has proven the opposite. Proof that this seemingly ferocious creature can become a great companion, especially after undergoing professional training.


The Shepadoodle was noticed and bred quite early. According to some reports, the US military in the 1960s planned to create an easy-to-train dog and ultimately chose to combine the Standard Poodles with the German Shepherd to achieve the goal.

Reality has proven the US Army has made a pretty right decision because this breed has overcome the drawback of hair loss, while still keeping a pretty good weight from 50 – 90 lbs.

More importantly, the Shepadoodle is extremely intelligent and affectionate. You shouldn’t have much trouble training this four-legged friend, whether you’re experienced or not.

Alaskan Shepherd

Alaskan Shepherd (link)

The Alaskan Malamute dog, also known as the Alaskan Malamute, is descended from the dire wild wolf. Meanwhile, German Shepherds are northern wolves.

Therefore, it can be that Alaska is quite closely related to sheepdogs. 

The similarity of origin also leads to some similarities in the appearance of the two breeds. Since then, when combining the Alaskan Malamute and the German Shepherd, the Alaskan Shepherd is almost not too different in appearance from its parents.

In terms of personality, the Alaskan Shepherd does not disappoint those who love the two Alaskan dog breeds and the German Shepherd.

Because just owning an Alaskan hybrid dog, you will be attracted by the affection, friendliness, and attachment that these four-legged friends bring.

The object of this hybrid’s friendliness concerns only you and your family. For strangers, suspicious, Alaskan Shepherd always gives warnings and active activities to protect you and your apartment better.

Euro Mountain Sheparnese

The Euro Mountain Sheparnese crosses between a German Shepherd and a Bernese Mountain Dog.

Both of the above individuals are pretty large in size and weight. But when combined, the hybrid looks more like the Bernese Mountain Dog.

Meanwhile, in terms of personality and living habits, Euro Mountain Sheparnese has quite well balanced the strengths of both parents. From there, a breed with excellent protection but still extremely friendly was born.

Before deciding to have a long-term companion, you should consider some characteristics such as territoriality, wariness with strangers, and not being too suitable for contact with young children of this breed.

Euro Mountain always needs quite heavy exercises to be able to release all the energy in his body and avoid common diseases.

One of the most accessible activities would probably be jogging. Each exercise should last between 35-45 minutes. Of course, the optimal range should depend on your dog’s fitness or fixed training stage.

To avoid boredom, you can buy him some of his favorite toys so that he can forget about his fatigue during training.

French Bullger Shepherd

The French Bulldog and the German Shepherd child are known as the Bullger Shepherd for short.

With to purebred sheepdogs, this hybrid dog is quite a bit smaller in weight. However, when compared to the French Bull, the Bullger Shepherd has superiority in the size of the snout.

Despite the difference in appearance compared to the parents, the advantages in the personality of both breeds have been maintained and shown very well in any individual French Bulger Shepherd.

This hybrid dog line impresses with its loyalty intelligence and can protect your family well. Besides, the child of the French Bullger is quite sweet loves to be hugged and pampered.

The sad news is that this hybrid dog also has some disadvantages inherited from its parents. It is impossible not to mention brachycephalic syndrome – the chronic shortness of breath that Bullger often suffers from.

Besides, you also need to pay attention to some common diseases with other dogs, such as marrow degeneration, dysplasia, or edema.

Bernese Shepherd

Bernese Shepherd (link)

The Bernese Shepherd is a German Shepherd and a Bernese Mountain Dog.

The hybrid is more like a Bernese dog than a sheepdog in terms of appearance. Specifically, like the Bernese Mountain Dog, this hybrid has a lovely yet majestic character. 

From the skeleton that makes up the tall body to the beautiful tri-colored silky hair, from the almond eyes to the pointed ears,… all the virtues you love about the Bernese are present in this individual.

When it comes to living and eating habits, this four-legged friend is more similar to a shepherd dog.

Bernese Shepherd is not too hyperactive, not even disruptive when feeling abandoned. Besides, this dog line always tries to please the owner by swaddling obeying almost complete orders.

In addition to the above manifestations, one of the points you need to consider before adopting this beautiful hybrid is that the Bernese Shepherd prefers to live outdoors rather than indoors. 

Therefore, every time you take your four-legged friend out, you will notice the hyperactivity as well as other small positive expressions.

German Shih Tzu

The Shih Tzu is a breed of pet dog that originated in Tibet. In Chinese, the name “Shih Tzu” means “Lion,” but in reality, this is a somewhat likable friend with shiny fur and a playful, agile face exuding from his friendly face. 

Meanwhile, the German Shepherd’s nature is quite friendly, it is undeniable that sometimes this breed is somewhat fierce due to its ancestral wolves.

The difference in appearance makes many people think it is challenging to combine the two breeds.

In reality, you will want to own a German Shih Tzu because this four-legged friend is fun and affectionate. You can even let this breed interact with your young children because of the friendliness and tenderness that Shih Tzu brings to this hybrid breed.

A hybrid Shih Tzu usually has a minor digestive tract, equivalent to about 1.5 times the average food jar per day.

Like most other species, they are pretty omnivorous animals, and they always want you to feed them more. Of course, pampering them in these cases can be completely dangerous.

If you let them eat more than the standard portion, you will need to exercise more often to burn off the calories they take in.

In case your pet is underweight, it may be worth considering giving them more food, but it should be into several meals. And, of course, you must consult an expert before making a decision.


After learning about a variety of the most famous German Shepherd hybrid breeds today, you are probably now asking many different questions about each individual’s care, training, or weight.

No need to look far for the answer. Refer to the following questions to answer all your recent questions:

Are lab German Shepherd mix good dogs?

Hybrid shepherd dogs have quite a few strengths compared to their parents and other dogs in general.

With the intervention of the laboratory, the hybrid dogs will inherit the best characteristics of the parents. Meanwhile, the disadvantages of one species can be compensated, corrected by the advantages of the other species.

Are Shepradors easy to train?

The answer is yes. Shepradors are pretty intelligent and learn quickly from your gestures, tone, and more information, this breed is not too aggressive with strangers, so it is pretty safe for the trainer to contact and adjust the behavior.

How big do Bassadors get?

Since both parents of Bassadors are significant, you can expect a mixed breed to weigh between 45 – 70lbs. 13-15″ high.

How big does a Huskador get?

A male Huskador will be 25″ tall and weigh 60lbs. While females are slightly smaller, with a height and weight of 24″, 55 lbs.

Are German Shepherd Lab mix aggressive?

If you train your hybrid shepherd dog early on, you will have no problem letting your dog get close to people and pets. 

After the training, the wild nature in the German Shepherd may have decreased and especially not become aggressive when encountering many other creatures.

What is Sable GSD?

Regarding German Shepherds, “Sable” is a color adjective, meaning a rather distinctive grayish color.


German Shepherd Mix is a variety with many different representations. Each type of German Shepherd hybrid dog has its own outstanding characteristics. 

Experts are increasingly creating new hybrid dog breeds to meet all your requirements. Yet, not all hybrid dogs have all the advantages from both parents.

At the same time, you also have to spend a lot of time and effort in taming, getting used to, and accepting all of its characteristics.

It’s time for you to consider and own a hybrid sheepdog of your own. With detailed knowledge from the article and practical experience, you will have a great time finding an adorable and loyal hybrid dog.

If you have any other questions, don’t forget to leave a comment in the section below. We will try to support and answer as specific and detailed as possible.

Don’t forget to share this article to your friends or loved ones who might be looking for a mix dog.

Thank you for reading!


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