German Shepherd Wolf Mix: An Ultimate Guide For Breeders

German Shepherd Wolf Mix
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The German Shepherd Wolf Mix is one of the most popular dog breeds in America. Many families in the United States raise it for herding sheep, ornamental, and housekeepers. 

This breed is famous for its strong body and absolute loyalty to its owner. However, this breed still has its wild and mysterious natures, so many families are still hesitant to own them. 

So, let’s learn more about this dog in the following article!

What Is A German Shepherd Wolf Mix?

German Shepherd Wolf Mix

German Shepherd Wolf Mix (link)

True to its name, this breed is a combination of a wolf and a German shepherd. These two types are essentially dogs and have outstanding features of aggressive large, and robust bodies. 

The most significant impact on these characteristics is probably because of the harsh living environment and always being alert to the surrounding factors.

Because they live mainly in the wild, there are many species that mate and reproduce uncontrollably, making it difficult to confirm whether it is a German Shepherd Wolf or not. The experiment of Leendert Saarloos in 1935 can be the official milestone for this creature to be born.

Initially, he crossed the two breeds together, intending to restore their natural characteristics. The characteristics that formerly werewolves or German shepherds have gradually disappeared because of the influence and domestication of humans.

Later, many dog ​​breeds with similar crosses and characteristics were born. Yet, not all species receive recognition from the community and legal authorities. 

Many people often confuse other species with similar characteristics, including the Czechoslovakian wolf and the Chinese Kunming wolf. 

Therefore, you should learn carefully about the type you intend to keep so as not to become illegal in your own home.

The Appearance

The appearance

The appearance (link)

Wolf or Shepherd? Don’t worry too much if you can’t tell the difference because they are wolves. So even crossbreeding or physical features are not too different.

Height and Weight

Because heredity is random, the results of hybridization will surprise even scientists. You will never seem to be able to predict the outcome of the crossbreeding until the puppies are born. 

Even after birth, factors such as environment, nurturing, and living will also affect the animal when it matures.

To differentiate, coyotes usually have a smaller skull size. In addition, you can also distinguish it by the pointed ears and brown almond-shaped eyes. German Shepherds weigh around 50-90 lb, depending on gender. 

They can also be 22-26 inches tall when they reach adulthood. Meanwhile, wolves will have a weight ranging from about 70-100 lb to be suitable for living conditions in the wild.

So when crossbreeding between two species will also have different results depending on which breed the offspring is. 

The German Shepherd Wolf will weigh about 50-100 lb depending on diet, age, and sex. The crossbreed can be 20-26 inches tall and even more by adulthood.


This German Shepherd Wolf breed has up to 11 different color classifications in science. However, we will often encounter two colors, black and tan. In addition, some other colors are equally popular such as gray, white, black, and sable.

Because they still have wolf characteristics, many hybrids will have gray and speckled coats or cross with red, brown, or black and white. 

Coat color will also significantly affect the genes of the parents. Dark colors such as black burnt brown will have dominant genes and more heritability.


German Shepherd or wolfdog both have one feature to adapt to the environment, and the climate is to have a very thick coat and a moderate length so that they can quickly move. So crosses between these two breeds will inherit that coat.

Their fur will consist of 2 layers so that when it comes to shedding, they can still keep themselves warm. Yet, this is still a dog suitable for living in cold climates.


Although both animals live in harsh climates, wolves and German shepherds have very different personality traits.

Wolves are animals that live in groups. So they will do everything to protect the members of the same flock and be loyal to the family. It is also a wild and hidden animal. Wolves will always be conservative with their surroundings, people, and inanimate objects.

In contrast, German Shepherds are shy by nature and may not be the best guard dogs. They can be very protective in familiar surroundings but will cringe at the sight of strangers.

It should be that the German Shepherd is unpredictable in social situations and can become aggressive when scared. 

It can be avoided by allowing them to interact with the outside world a lot from an early age. 

These Shepherds are also curious by nature and will try to escape as soon as they get the chance. So make sure you have a safety fence around your backyard.

This hybrid is highly predatory as the GSD was for grazing, and wolves are natural carnivores, so your Wolfdog combo will chase anything that moves. They will also howl because that’s how they communicate in the pack. 

These hybrids tend to howl more when left alone for too long. So you should regularly keep an eye on them and play with them so that they don’t feel lonely for too long.

A cross between a wolf and a German Shepherd will reveal character and behavior gradually through daily activities. It is not until the hybrids are fully mature that they fully disclose the personality of their father and mother.



Training (link)

These hybrids are usually very intelligent but quite stubborn. So they are very receptive to the knowledge you teach. 

But sometimes, they will protest or disobey because they don’t want to. Crosses with more Shepherds are likely to be more obedient and easier to train.

There are many ways to train these hybrid dogs. The majority will go to professional training camps. 

However, if you want to try it at home to save money or be closer to your dog, you can also try. It would help if you also prepared some rewards during training so that the dogs can distinguish between dos and don’ts.

One mistake we often make when training mixed-breed dogs are dominant training. 

However, this will make the dog more aggressive and aloof from humans. Above all, you need to make sure your dog is in good spirits and make sure he doesn’t experience any stress. Any impact causes dogs to lose confidence or feel bored.


Having a dog is not only having a friend, but you also need to take care of it like a baby. Especially with this hybrid, it requires a lot of special care and attention from humans.

Their coat is quite thick, so they need to be bathed and brushed regularly. If you cannot take care of their coat, it will tangle and even have to be cut because it is tough to remove. It is not a dog that everyone can keep and will need someone with experience and skills.

In addition, before adopting a German Shepherd Wolf, you also need to learn about the state’s laws in which you live. Some areas do not allow this breed for many reasons, such as safety or conservation reasons.


It is a fairly active breed with prominent and inherited wild personalities. On average, this dog can travel up to 30 miles a day. So when you are the owner of these hybrid dogs, you need to spend about 1-2 hours a day to let them exercise.

If you are too busy, you need to make sure to have ample space like a garden so that they can comfortably move. 

If you do not exercise regularly, it is straightforward to lose muscle mass and paralyze some functions in the body. In addition, because they are a highly active hormone, they can play and bite your furniture when they feel bored.

Many people choose to take their pets to dog parks. However, wherever you go, make sure to keep your dog in sight. Wearing a muzzle or using a leash is an excellent way to keep yourself and other dogs or people safe.


Many people think that the more bathing, the cleaner their dog will be with a shiny coat. However, this is not true for this hybrid dog. 

If you bathe them too much, it will strip away the body’s natural oils and cause hair loss and weakness. Instead, you can brush them more often to avoid lint and tangles. This condition can improve when it is time to shed hair.

In addition, you also need to take care of their oral and toenail health. Nails that are too long can restrict or even cause your dog to bleed. The mouth is one of the dirtiest parts of a dog, so try to clean it at least weekly.



Feeding (link)

Deciding what to feed your dog, you should feed your dog a high-protein diet. Avoid traditional store-bought dog foods because they are high in carbohydrates and artificial ingredients. 

You need to research the type of carnivorous diet you want your dog to eat. Your dog will enjoy a diet that has at least 50% protein.

Some diets that may be worth considering include raw dog food, which has a potential risk (spread of bacteria) but is very beneficial for the dog’s health. 

Pay attention to the amount of food your dog eats. Too much food can lead to obesity. Track their weight using the body condition score.

Health problem

elbow dysplasia

elbow dysplasia (link)

Wolves are generally healthy animals, but they are still susceptible to many health problems. If you care about your pet, you can buy pet insurance. They will save you the hassle of going to the vet and paying the bills.

Like many large dogs, they are prone to hip and elbow dysplasia. It is a deformity of the hip and elbow joints that can cause pain. They are also prone to gastric torsion, commonly known as flatulence. 

The stomach is twisted and trapped in the air (which can be fatal if left untreated). To prevent this from happening, make sure they don’t eat too quickly and don’t exercise right after a meal. 

Other common fleas and ticks can come from this mixed breed’s outdoor lifestyle. Now, you can check this video for more about this dog!


If you still have questions about this hybrid creature, maybe the following questions can help you.

How long does a German Shepherd Wolf mix live?

The average age of the German Shepherd Wolf mix is ​​about 14 years old. However, besides physical factors, their age can also change depending on the living environment and the mode of living. 

Ensure your dog has a good atmosphere with the right temperature and care to increase its lifespan.

What is a Wolamute?


Wolamute (link)

Wolamute is one of hybrid dog breeds. And It is bred by mating an Alaskan Malamute with a wolf. Due to the hybridization, the female wolf hybrid is also the Wolamute.

Are wolf dogs loyal?

Wolves and dogs, in general, are some of the most loyal creatures in the world. If you raise and treat a wolf well from a young age, they can fight, even and sacrifice to protect you.

Should you look a wolf in the eyes?

Making eye contact is one of the best ways to communicate, whether with dogs or people. So if you want to make friends or create sympathy for an animal, you can look into its eyes.


The German Shepherd Wolf is not a new breed, but many people still want to own it because of its personality and appearance. It will take some time to train it to suit your style. One note when you want to raise this dog is to keep it away from small children because this is quite dangerous.

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