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If you want to maintain good health for your furry friend, knowing “How much exercise does a German Shepherd need?” is essential. A dog loves having fun, so playing with them in a frequent habit can help your dog stay healthy and delightful for the rest of the day.

Exercise often is crucial to have a healthy body and prevent all illnesses. Let’s find out some recommendations to practice with your dog effectively!

How Much Exercise Does A German Shepherd Need?

They are extremely energetic animals! The breed was mainly developed for guarding and protecting sheep flocks until now was deployed by the military and police services.

The transformation has proved that they are one of the most hyperactive dogs living so far. Nevertheless, the requirements for exercise will change depending on a variety of factors such as age, physical performance, athletic ability, eating habits, and more.

Source: Pxfuel

Most of them do a minimum of 1.5 hours every day. The activities can be scattered throughout the day and involve any form, such as going for a walk, playing fetch, or running.

Assure your dog receives enough workouts because it is important for its well-being and enjoyment. You can consider letting your children join in the activities to stay fit and help improve your dog’s behavior towards your family.

How Much Exercise Do German Shepherd Puppies Require?

The pups, on the contrary, do not need much activity, unlike adults

Moreover, letting your puppies be active for an excessive amount of time can result in internal bone structure and movement problems later in adulthood. What causes this is a disease called hip dysplasia, which commonly occurs on GSD.

Source: Wikimedia

Small dogs, on average, require only 5 minutes of workout for each month old. The workout should allow them to discover their surroundings, practice good behavior training when going outside, and socialize while their owners are still overseen.

On the other hand, the pups can receive lots of development by running and playing around the house. Pretty much like adults, they can be quite energetic, so ensure the pups get enough rest and force them to bed during playtime if necessary.

There’s a device called PitPat that can monitor and check how much movement your little dog has. It’s a tiny and weightless thingy that can stick to their collar, yet it will track everything they have done in 24 hours, from cuddling time to rolling around in the front yard.

How Much Exercise Does A Senior German Shepherd Need?

Sadly, your dog will no longer require much activity like it used to. It is critical to keep track of the amount the dog is getting and ensure not exceeding it.

Source: Pxfuel

The PitPat device will establish a target amount for the pet, which gradually reduces as it gets older. You may even set the objectives if you want different workout requirements for the dog.

What Factors Affect Your German Shepherd’s Exercise Needs?

While dogs from the same type share the same characteristic, not all require the same training level. As they are productive, clever, and energetic companions, they have high stimulation demands.

Source: Wikimedia

However, other mentioned factors like age, physical health, and daily energy may all influence the requirements for workouts. Also, a reminder for a recommendation of 2 hours of active performance every day is only based on a healthy adult dog.


First to consider is their age. Physical movement and mental stimulation are still important regardless of age. Consequently, you must not conduct the same quantity and training styles for a puppy with a grown-up or an older dog.

Health & Physical Conditions

The next thing to consider is health. Although GSDs are generally fit, they are quite vulnerable to a variety of illnesses and physical limitations. 

We strongly advise you to visit a vet to determine whether your dog requires any unusual treatment that you should look out for. You may ask for specified guidance on training your dog appropriately. The best way to receive detailed answers is by speaking with an expert.

Apart from that, endurance and general shape also need concerns as the statistic can tell you how much workout the dog will need.

Energy Level

Last but not least is capacity and desire for high-intensity activity. This breed is for sure the greatest dynamic type, and some even more energetic.

The ultimate goal is to burn all the energy up to prevent your dog from dullness and keep it healthy from waking up to bedtime. As a result, the requirements will differ based on how long the dog will get tired. When your pet has too much energy to spend, providing extra events is a must.

What Exercise Is Best For German Shepherds?

The canine succeeds in all kinds of activities given their characteristics. The activities include:

  • Playing disc
  • Flyball
  • Tracking
  • Swimming
  • Obedience training
  • Long-distance running
  • Agility courses

What Activities Can I Provide for My German Shepherd?

Keeping your dog occupied is the same critical to remain practical busy. There are several methods to keep the dog calm and entertaining at home, from irresistible toys to cuddling, belly rubbing, rolling on the floor, or even bathing.

Source: Wikimedia

Your dog will be thankful if you embrace a scheduled plan and not forget to provide lots of stimulation.


The requirement on “How much exercise does a German Shepherd need?” will vary depending on your dog’s age, physical and mental health, endurance ability, energy level, and so on.

But luckily, you can easily track your dog’s performance to determine how much energy needs to burn out every day. All the outdoor activities and indoor games can do the trick! 

Hope you have found your desired answer to take better health care for your beloved dog. Thank you for reading! Good luck and have fun with your furry friend!

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