How Often Should I Walk My German Shepherd ?

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Walking your dog is one of the best ways to ensure health and happiness. Like many other breeds, German Shepherds need to do exercise to maintain good health. They require more exercise than smaller dogs because their bodies have higher energy needs. 

Do you own this lovely dog breed? Are you wondering how often should I walk my German Shepherd ? If yes, let’s read on for some tips on how long you should hike with your pup each day! 

how often should I walk my German Shepherd

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How Often Should I Walk My German Shepherd ?

German Shepherds are high-energy dogs that need many exercises to stay happy and busy. They are considered one of the most highly strung breeds, but this does not mean they don’t need some extra care. 

These lovely dogs can suffer from behavioral problems if their owners don’t keep up with their exercise and stimulation levels. 

Noticeably, your dog should get at least two hours of exercise every day, including walks and off-lead time in a safe area. They’ll need lots of playtime with you. 

They are great dogs if you take them out for long hikes and explore outside. If they don’t get enough exercise, hiring someone else or arranging for a friend who has time off from their job can help out at least once in a while.

How Long Should I Walk My German Shepherd?

A German Shepherd’s daily hike is essential for not only releasing pent-up energy and stimulating their mind with new sights, sounds, smells. It also allows them to come across anything in the environment while they’re out on a stroll.

These big dogs are known for their loyalty and energy, so if you have the time to take your dog on a jaunt every day, then this will be good. A 30-45 minute hike each morning is key to keeping them mentally and physically healthy, so try making it routine.

Don’t underestimate the power of young age; it can be dangerous if you push your pup too far. If they show signs that he is tired, stop immediately and let him rest.

How Long Should I Walk My German Shepherd
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How Should I Walk My German Shepherd?

Leash Off

A German Shepherd is a highly intelligent and loyal breed of dog. They have an excellent sense of smell, which helps them work as police dogs or search and rescue teams. Also, they can come on command if trained properly! 

If you want your pup to enjoy more freedom while still being able to control its surroundings with just the leash (or retractable type), then go ahead. But make sure that both are current with shots by all means necessary.

Add Resistance

You can make your dog’s jaunt more challenging by utilizing a weighted vest or backpack. It would help if you only weighed them 10% so that it’s not too much for their body and still strengthen muscles without overworking the animal in any way.

The best way to train is by stepping on sand and uphill slopes. This will make your muscles stronger without overdoing it.

Walk It With Other Dogs

When guiding your pet with other dogs, it’s important to remember that they will naturally play and proceed longer than you do. This can help wear out their little bodies faster.

This is a great dog for many things, but it might not be the best option if you want an active pet that lives with other dogs. They can get along well enough as long as their prey drive isn’t too high or there are no small pets around – otherwise, they may try to attack.

Other Activities Your German Shepherd Can Try Besides Walking

Running, Biking Or Skating

They make the perfect running partner for those who want to burn off some energy. The faster your dog moves, the greater their endurance and stamina will be in return, so make sure you run or bike together gradually over time.  


Fetch is one of the most popular games that dogs love to play. If you have one, it’s no surprise they’re always looking for balls or toys.

Things To Consider When Walking Your German Shepherd

There are a few things to keep in mind when exercising your beloved dogs:

You Might Not Be Able To Wear It Out

The German Shepherd is a dog known for its hard-working personality and ability to keep going without tiring much. As such, you won’t be able to wear your pup out by hiking with them all day long.

They are known for their endurance, so you can try going on long walks with your pup. If that doesn’t work, find ways to wear it out quickly by having a game of fetch or pulling them along in the water. More importantly, don’t get discouraged – keep giving them some exercise every day.

These dogs are known for their hyperactivity after an activity, but it will worsen if they don’t go on many hikes. It’s also unhealthy for your dog to not exercise.

How Should I Walk My German Shepherd
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If It’s A Puppy

It is probably a good idea to give your puppy some time off from exercise before it’s fully grown. With joints and bones still developing, too much activity could result in damage that would take weeks or months of restoration for them to recover from.

Dog Walker

This breed is high-energy, so if you’re not able to give them enough exercise each day, then consider paying a dog walker. There’s an app where people who live nearby can be hired for their services.

How Should I Walk My German Shepherd 1
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So, how often should I walk my German Shepherd

Walking your pet is a great way to keep them healthy and happy.

You should be able to find the perfect amount of time for you and your dog by considering what they need, their age, and whether or not they have any medical conditions that might make juanting difficult. The suggested time should be at least an hour a day. 

A few other activities your furry friend can try besides hiking include fetching sticks in the park or playing with interactive toys like ropes on a stick at home. 

We hope the information we provided helps you get started on this process and learn more about what is best for your furry friend.


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