Why Do German Shepherds Jump On You? – A Surprise Or What?

why do German Shepherds jump on you
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Nowadays, German Shepherds are often family pets because of their loyal nature and intelligence. In addition, they can be trained for protection or search-and-rescue operations with ease due to their quick learning capability. 

However, one thing that may puzzle you about this dog is why it leaps on people when meeting them? Is it a greeting for their owner, or is it aggressive? 

In this post, we’ll cover why German Shepherds jump on you and how you can stop them from doing so.

why do German Shepherds jump on you

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Why Do German Shepherds Jump On You?

This breed may begin hooping for a variety of reasons. This behavior could be explained by excitement, attempting to communicate by licking on your face, attention-seeking behavior, and insufficient training when the dog was younger.

We will go through several reasons why your dog can start jumping below. Let’s see! 


The most likely explanation for the leaping is excitement. When these dogs are enthusiastic, it’s usual for them to jump up. Usually, they do that because they welcome you by greeting your face. Training can stop leaping behavior. To begin with, you should attempt one way in particular: teaching your pet to remain and sit, then rewarding it for obeying. In addition, you can learn on the youtube channel.


These dogs usually work for several hours with their masters on demanding tasks. As a result, they require much activity to be appropriately aroused. If your pup feels idle, it might lead to hyperactive behavior like hooping excitedly!

Not enough training

Jumping is a behavior that this breed develop at an early age. Since their moms fed them from their mouths, they had to leap up to get it. If not rectified by the time your puppy grows into adulthood, he will continue doing this indefinitely!

This is why you should use all dog training techniques possible to train your pet to stop leaping.


If your pets are not typically hooping on you and suddenly begin to do so, it might be an indication that anything is amiss. On the other hand, they often act out of character when anything is wrong, so you should think about what is wrong to trigger the jumping. 

It might have something to do with their emotions. Perhaps it is in discomfort, pain, or an emergency.

How To Stop A German Shepherd From Jumping?

How To Stop A German Shepherd From Jumping

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Following are a few ways you can do to convince your Shepherd to quit leaping up at you. Let’s check it out!


If your pup is constantly hooping as a means of attracting attention, you can leave the room and then come back when they’re acting normally. Remember to give them praise for following instructions or being disciplined enough.

Make sure not to give any attention when your dog starts leaping. It’s important because even the smallest amount of attention will make it more likely to try it again.


The redirect approach involves telling your pet to do something else, such as sit or lie down and then rewarding it for following commands. 

You’ll be able to distract its attention away from time by utilizing this method of distraction. In addition, this will break the habit-forming behavior associated with leaping ahead in any situation.

Teach it not to

You may also teach it not to leap up at you by having it remain and sit when agitated.

Let’s perform the following steps:

  1. Obtain some delicacies that your pup enjoys.
  2. You can teach your German Shepherd to sit by holding the reward over its head until it sits independently.
  3. Tell the pup “stay” in an excited voice, then give him something good when he sits down. You want to reward it before it has the chance to fail for being seated and focused on you.
  4. Please do the same way as before, but each time extend the length for which you can get it to stay.
  5. To encourage your pet to stay longer, introduce distractions, such as a squeaky toy. Begin with essential diversions and eventually progress towards more difficult ones, like rolling an item in front or behind them.

Provide a variety of exercises

why do German Shepherds jump on you - Provide a variety of exercises

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You can give your pup lots of exercises if it doesn’t currently receive enough. This will ease many of the difficulties your dog may create.

The best way to keep your pet active is by playing fetch! Fetching will give it plenty of exercise without the effort that running would require on both parts. 

As a result, you can get this dog to run a great deal in a short time without having to run as much.

German Shepherds are frequently taken for walks with other dogs to burn off energy and get some fresh air. You might also take your dog on a long stroll around town or go camping.

Besides, teaching your dog to swim is a terrific way for them to get some extra exercise and cool down in the summer. When swimming, dogs’ legs must work hard to maintain peace, which rapidly exhausts even giant breeds like these lovely pets! 

It is also beneficial during the hot summer months since you can water cooling off their body temperature.

If you don’t have enough energy or mental capacity in your daily schedule, then hiring a dog walker might be an option that’s worth considering. 

Nowadays, it’s easier than ever to get a dog walker. You can find an app on your phone and have one show up at your door in just minutes!

Final Thoughts

As you can see, it’s hard to know what your pup is thinking. But after all, leaping on people is not all evil. Your pup needs to get the exercise they need and express their energy healthily. Plus, it makes them feel better when they get attention from someone! 

We hope our post has helped answer your questions – why do German Shepherds jump on you? If you have any other concerns or want more information, don’t hesitate to contact our team.

Thank you, and we will see you soon!

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