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Why Does My German Shepherd Follow Me Everywhere? – Answering Your Wonder!

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Your German Shepherd is the most devoted companion you could have. They are loyal, protective, and always want to be by your side. 

You’re not alone in this. So you might be asking yourself, “why does my German shepherd follow me everywhere?” As it turns out, there are a lot of factors that play into it, and we’ll go through them all here. 

But first: if you’ve got a problem with your dog following you around like glue (even when they know better), we can help! Let’s take a look at several factors why your pup follows you everywhere.

Why Does My German Shepherd Follow Me Everywhere 1Source: Flickr

What Are The Reasons For “Why Does My German Shepherd Follow Me Everywhere?”

It appears as your dog follows you around all day, but there are several causes for this. For example, if they are left alone at home all day, they may experience separation anxiety or get bored and lonely; they may also act this way due to a need for more food, attention.

Separation anxiety

Separation anxiety may be a vexing problem for dog owners. Unfortunately, more than 15% of dogs can have mild to severe separation anxiety.

If your dog exhibits this behavior, it indicates that he doesn’t regard you as his boss, which may escalate to more harmful actions when left alone!

Therefore, he feels compelled to shield you from harm. For example, if you go to the bathroom, bedroom, or kitchen, your dog will follow you to keep you safe.

If you leave him at home alone, he may begin crying, barking, or scratching the furniture (expressing frustration) since he believes you’re not safe without him.


Dogs like German shepherds are potent personalities, so those with inexperience and fewer leadership skills may struggle with them. 

Start showing off this dominance with your dog while teaching how trustworthy you’re; show compassion when having conversations about how well you care for yourself.

How you go out has an impact on your dog’s anxiousness. Thus, do not wallow in an emotional farewell with your Shepherd when you want to leave.

Loves companionship

German shepherd dogs live in packs. They cannot survive without the companionship and service of another. Living alone might cause insanity in some dogs. In nature, they need space to find safety from danger.

Dogs and humans have developed a strong bond throughout time. However, the latest research indicates that dog domestication has strengthened their bond with humans.

If your dog follows you since it wants to be with you, it may be a good idea to add another pet. If well planned out, shepherd dogs may learn to coexist with other pets.

Mother (imprinting)

Animals imprint when they recognize a human as their mothers instead of their true mothers for the first time, which occurs amongst animals of other species.

Puppies are born unable to see or hear properly. It entirely depends on their mother for survival, but he will start standing upright to learn how life works after one month!

If a puppy is abandoned, he will prefer to interact, eat and associate with another puppy.

Taking home a puppy is a fantastic experience. You will get to be his parent and teach him everything from potty training and exercise routine. 

Velcro dog

A velcro dog is a type of German shepherd that will follow you around, no matter where you go. You can see that this pet has the habit of following its human companion every step of the way!

Velcro dogs have a very unusual trait that they desire to remain close to their owner all day. If you leave him alone, he’ll panic, but if there’s someone else around, he’ll try not to let them get too far away from him at any moment.

What Are The Causes Of This Behavior?


Why Does My German Shepherd Follow Me EverywhereSource: US National Archives & DVIDS 

For several causes, German shepherd dogs can turn into velcro dogs.

  • When you often provide treats or rewards to your dog, he may assume that staying with you will always result in a reward.
  • Shepherd dogs that have been abandoned may become more connected to you and act like velcro dogs when they are saved.
  • Some dogs simply follow their owner since they have nothing else to do and are bored.
  • Older shepherd dogs may feel secure staying close to you.
  • Allowing your shepherd dog to sleep with you may also breed dependence.
  • If your dog’s behavior suddenly alters, it might be a sign of a health condition.
  • If your shepherd has visual or hearing impairments, he may become fearful and attempt to be close to you to feel secure.

How To Stop Your German Shepherd From Following You Around?

Why Does My German Shepherd Follow Me Everywhere 2

Source: Pixabay

Give it lots of exercises.

The German Shepherd requires many activities to keep their blood flowing, minds sharp, and physically occupied.

Without enough stimulation, these dogs can become overly hyper or seek it out from you (the owner)! Exercise is essential for a healthy German shepherd, which is why you need to ensure it receives enough.

Try ignoring it

You can also take another step to stop the bad behavior by making changes to cease rewarding it. Besides, discouraging German Shepherds from following is as easy as not giving them what they want when they ask for it — then praising it when it acts appropriately.

Get help

As your German Shepherd continues to follow you around, it may be time to consult with the professionals. A dog behaviorist will know what is causing their undesired behavior and can educate you on modifying it so that they stop following you one day!

Final Thoughts

So, why does my German shepherd follow me everywhere? Overall, it might be because they are ecstatic to have a human partner. Like a dog, they may feel they must defend their master. Or maybe they’re just lonely and seeking some companionship! 

When dogs follow us around for whatever reason, we should consider it a compliment rather than being irritated or annoyed that our pet isn’t listening to us.

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