Why Does My German Shepherd Pee When I Pet Him? – An Odd Dog Behavior!

Why does my German Shepherd pee when I pet him - Excessive Joyful
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The most frustrating thing about owning a pet is when they pee on your floor or furniture. We all know how much love and care goes into our pets, but sometimes it seems like it doesn’t work no matter what we do to prevent them from urinating in unwanted places. 

Many factors reinforce why dogs urinate for no apparent reason, but the most concerning is that they urinate when you cuddle them. 

In this blog post, we will answer your question about “Why does my German Shepherd pee when I pet him?” and provide tips for preventing this problem from happening again.

Why Does My German Shepherd Pee When I Pet Him?

Typical explanations include the fact that your dog is not in his full growth yet and can not determine when to pee or having health issues, or does not know which place is allowed to do it, or maybe just because he is scared.

There are tons of reasons and are accompanied by a variety of warnings. We will go through some of the causes to explain such behavior and tips to avoid it.

Why does my German Shepherd pee when I pet him
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Immature Age

It’s possible that your dog is still at a young age and hasn’t been taught to restrain itself when it gets too enthusiastic. As the dog grows older, it will most likely quit doing it. 

Nevertheless, training your dog while it is still young to take the business outdoors anytime it has to can help build a very healthy and clean habit.

Disease Symptom

Your dog is generally never urinating when you stroke his belly but has recently started doing so. If so, your pet is possibly sick. The symptoms are also acting strange and express other indications of an illness.

If you are sure the dog is sick, the best approach is to carry it to pet doctors, known as veterinarians.

Lack Of Training

Your dog will most likely believe that it is fine to pee wherever it wants if you don’t provide any tough measures about it. It would be wise to begin relevant training right away and never encourage bad habits in this situation.

Why does my German Shepherd pee when I pet him Lack Of Training
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Being Threatened

A reason for this is your dog is feeling threatened. It is also called submissive urination. If so, it would be best to stop scolding, start praising the dog when it urinates in the correct spot, and stroke it to allow your dog to get close to you intentionally.

Unintentional Encourages

You may have unintentionally taught your dog to be allowed to urinate whenever it receives your physical touch. It is especially common if you happen to reward your dog with what it desires, like extra affection, snacks, or toys after peeing.

Alternatively, take it for a walk, let the dog pee outside, and encourage it when finished. Do not praise it with additional attention when your pet starts doing it wrong can be valuable.

Not Allowed To Pee Outside Regularly

Your dog possibly doesn’t get enough time to take a dump and could not hold in when getting close contact with you. Having not been outside for a long time can lead to this case.

Therefore, your dog must be allowed to go outside to relieve itself whenever necessary. Your pet may need an extended period to get used to peeing outdoors, so you should give it more opportunities to do it again.

Excessive Joyful

A dog will most possibly wave its tail when it gets too exciting. Sometimes your dog leaves behind a little puddle too. It is called submissive urination and has recently been popular in young puppies. It occurs when your dog feels happy, bashful, nervous, or afraid.

Another example is when the dog tries to respect another’s superiority, in this case, when it accepts yours. Your pet may urinate just because it’s too happy to recognize that its owner is feeding it delicious food.

Why does my German Shepherd pee when I pet him - Excessive Joyful
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How To Control Your German Shepherd Behavior?

The simplest method to encourage a GSD to quit doing it depends on what may cause the dog to do it. Here are some best solutions so far.

Visit A Veterinarian

The best thing every owner can do is take your pet to care centers when you don’t understand why it has such behavior when the dog starts it unexpectedly or acts strangely.

Allow Him To Pee Outside More Often

It would be best to allow your German Shepherd to pee outside regularly. If not, your pet will keep peeing indoors, which is equally annoying for both you and your dog.

Why does my German Shepherd pee when I pet him Allow Him To Pee Outside More Often
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Avoid Unintentional Encourages

As previously said, you may have unintentionally encouraged your dog to take a dump indoors. So rather than praising it, try bringing it somewhere away from home and remember to reward your dog when it finished peeing.

Along with that, it’s equally critical to avoid pressurizing when the dog is doing it, or else your pet will pee submissively, which may lead to some other mental disorders.

Conduct Proper Training

It’s useful to take some training outdoors to guide your pet to urinate outside the house. A technique of this is to stay outdoors as long as it is done peeing, then treat it well for it has done so.


Hopefully, our post has given you answers on “why does my German Shepherd pee when I pet him?” 

Now you have thoroughly understood what causes your pet to behave as so and some ways to prevent it from happening again. It often begins from the unconditional admiration of your dog toward you as its owner for such behavior.

Finally, we thank you for reading! Be sure to read other articles as well, so you won’t miss a single thing! We hope you will have the most quality time with your German Shepherd. Good luck and best wishes!

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