Why Does My German Shepherd Sit On Me? Potential Causes & Ways To Prevent

Why does my German Shepherd sit on me
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German Shepherds are intelligent, loyal, and lovely friends. However, they exhibit a variety of unusual behaviors, just like other breeds.

You may find that your pet sits on you more frequently than usual. Many dog owners wonder: Why does my German Shepherd sit on me

There are several explanations for this dog’s unusual behavior. If you want to discover all potential causes in detail, let’s refer to this article!

Why Does My German Shepherd Sit On Me?

Scent marking, separation anxiety, or being scared are common reasons why your German Shepherd often sits on you.

Other causes include your German Shepherd enjoying cuddling with you, being in its territory, and others. Scroll down to discover!

#1. It Is Trying To Get Your Attention.

Attention-seeking behavior is typical among German Shepherd puppies. In pups, it’s a natural survival mechanism.

Your dog is attempting to attract your attention since it feels bored or lacks mental and physical stimulation.

Your lack of attention is the root cause of boredom for some dogs.

Adult canines, however, can become obnoxious when they paw, bark, jump excessively, or perch on your thighs.

It is trying to get your attention.

It is trying to get your attention.

#2. That’s German Shepherd Breed Behavior.

These dogs are canines who love to be petted. They’re also quite loyal.

While some dogs display obvious affection, others are highly affectionate.

They can sit on your lap or even cling to their owners as much as possible to show their love.

Like several of its other characteristics, this behavior is genetic.

#3. It Is Doing Scent Marking.

Dogs place so much importance on scent marking. They rely heavily on this remarkable instinct for social interaction and territorial protection.

Your pet might be trying to claim possession of the dog territory by rubbing its scents on you.

Although humans cannot detect these pheromones, they are a crucial means of communication between canines and other species.

Animals can distribute pheromones by rubbing their faces and bodies against an object or peeing on it, among other methods.

#4. It Wants Your Cuddles.

Cuddling is an instinct for your puppy. Your pet feels relaxed and protected if you cuddle it. 

When you hug or cuddle your pet, oxytocin is released. It offers a relaxing and soothing effect.

Both owners and pets will produce more oxytocin only after cuddling. It means cuddling your pet is beneficial for you.

It wants your cuddles.

It wants your cuddles.

#5. It Misses You.

Your dog will be delighted when you get home after a long day.

However, your pet may experience abandonment issues if you have gone for longer than a day.

It will become highly emotional when you arrive home, frequently giving you cuddles and trying to jump and sit on your lap.

This activity might linger for many minutes, making it challenging to persuade your dog to calm down.

#6. It Loves You. 

Your dog is most likely sitting on your lap since it loves you and loves to be close to you.

Many dogs may sit on someone to express their love and support. German Shepherds aren’t exceptional.

They will sit on you whenever they attempt to comfort you or make you feel better.

Your pet would like to show its affection but is unaware of its size. It’s a problem!

It loves you.

It loves you. 

#7. It Feels Afraid.

If your pet feels afraid, you may anticipate it to jump into your lap if it isn’t feeling well.

Your dog will calm down by being near you since you – its owner will be the most vital and reassuring person in its life.

#8. It Feels Stressed Out.

It’ll come and sit on you when it’s fearful, and when it feels stressed out, it’ll do the same thing.

If your pet has trouble communicating with you, it will jump and sit on your lap to seek your assistance to solve the issue.

This behavior may result from the arrival of a new member or a new pet.

It feels stressed out.

It feels stressed out. 

#9. It Feels Bored.

As previously said, German Shepherds are exceptionally loving dogs. As a result, if you don’t offer it enough attention and care, it will become boring. 

It will try to make you look after it and play with it. It will feel cared for and loved when it sits on your lap. 

#10. It Is Cold.

If you reside in a chilly climate and it’s freezing outdoors, don’t be shocked if your dog comes onto your lap to warm up.

If your pet sits on your lap more often in the cold months or after going out in the harsh weather, it’s reasonable to assume it is looking for warmth despite its double-layered fur.

It is cold.

It is cold. 

#11. It Experiences Separation Anxiety.

According to research, almost 20 percent of canines suffer from separation anxiety.

Your dog may sit on you because of separation anxiety. If your dog is left alone too long, it becomes worried.

When you leave your pet alone, it may scream, pace, or damage objects. It’s best to consult your veterinarian for advice!

#12. You’ve Taken Its Spot.

German Shepherds are among the most territorial canines who like guarding their belongings and their territory.

Perhaps you have taken your pet’s spot, but you don’t realize that. Your dog may try to inform you by sitting on your lap. 

If you allow it, your dog may take up a place in your home or on your couch. 

It may grow irritated if someone else occupies that position instead. It will try to retake its kingdom by sitting on everyone in its region.

You've taken its spot.

You’ve taken its spot.

#13. It Tries To Protect You.

The protective character of German Shepherds is widely known, but you may wonder why your pet keeps sitting on you.

Let’s take a look at this dog’s origins. This breed is a livestock-working dog that originated in Germany.

The breeders first kept these German Shepherds to be guard dogs. They are clever, devoted, and fiercely protective of the people they love. 

One of their essential characteristics is the natural reaction to sit on their owner to defend them.

When this dog breed feels frightened or keeps an eye on its owners, it may frequently sit or lie down close to them.

#14. It Tries To Make You Warm.

Sitting on your lap might be your pet’s effort to keep you warm. “Sitting on” behavior is a symbol of affection and caring.

German Shepherds are great defenders who instantly go to their owners in distress and comfort them.

I try to make you warm

I try to make you warm.

What Can You Do If Your German Shepherd Is Sitting On You?

While it’s adorable, you might not always want a German Shepherd measuring 70 pounds on your lap while sitting on the sofa or a couch.

These Shepherds are incredibly brilliant, so they can easily give up a habit or behavior they have learned before. 

You will, nonetheless, need some patience, determination, and willpower to help your pet stop this behavior. Below are some valuable tips to follow:

Train it

You adore your pet, but it irritates you when it engages in undesirable behavior.

It’s time to apply the training to control your dog’s undesirable behavior. 

When you’re sitting down, instruct your dog to lie on the ground or rest on the opposite side of your sofa. Take note of these tips:

  • Train it.
  • Be consistent when applying rules.
  • Encourage desired behavior.
  • Exercise it to help release its energy. 
  • Stop any inappropriate behaviors.

If you want to know more about obedience training, you can refer to this video:

Train it

Train it

Ignore it

You will notice your German Shepherd’s inappropriate behavior. 

However, the best approach to prevent your dog from misbehaving is sometimes to ignore him.

Don’t care about it whenever it tries to sit on your lap. 

Give It Something More Enjoyable

It is good to provide your pet with something to distract them from you. 

For instance, you can give them some toys to chew or play with.

If your pet is preoccupied with anything else, they are less likely to sit on your lap.

Give it something enjoyable.

Give it something enjoyable.

Care For It During The Day.

Lack of care makes your dog bored. Therefore, it’s better to play with it and pay attention to it during the daytime. 

Don’t Encourage It When It Sits On You.

Unintentional reinforcement of the behavior typically occurs when you cuddle your pet when it jumps and sits on your lap.

Your pet can recall it. It will repeat this misbehavior very often.  

Nevertheless, if you want to stop your pet’s behavior, you must quit encouraging it with attention.

When your dog sits on you, you should ignore it.

Don't encourage it when it sits on you.

Don’t encourage it when it sits on you.

Give It A Comfortable Spot.

You can provide your pet with its own private space, like a bed for dogs or a few folded blankets.

Your pet may express its territorial tendencies by guarding that location rather than your sofa.

Wrapping Up

This article has eventually reached the end of your question: Why does my German Shepherd sit on me? Many reasons explain this problem.

Scent marking, super affectionate, stress, separation anxiety, instinct, and being afraid of something are the most common causes. 

Besides, your dog may want to protect you, make you warm, attract your attention, or inform you that you’ve taken its spot. 

Hopefully, this post will be helpful for you. Thanks for reading!

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