Are German Shepherds Easy To Train? – A Helpful Pet Coaching Guide!

Are German Shepherds Easy To Train
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Although they are extremely clever, it is not always simple getting them to listen to your every command. Smart dogs tend to have independent thoughts and also chances they can become pretty stubborn. It does need some tricks and bits of patience from owners as well.

So, are German Shepherds easy to train? Let’s go into our article today!

Are German Shepherds Easy To Train?

As this breed is super intelligent, you can quickly teach them how to behave properly. Whenever learning something new, this dog breed is referred to as one of the best you can own as your pet. 

No dogs are the same, and some can be more talented in certain skills, regardless of the same type. Anyhow, they are still excellent for many purposes.

Source: Wikimedia

Why Are German Shepherds Easy To Train?

The answer is they have been practicing as sheepdogs, security guards, and recently are police and crime arrest dogs, even as firefighters. As you can see, the name leads us to their origin, which is sheepdogs. 

They first appeared in the late 1800s and were primarily used to guard flocks of cattle against predators. These tasks require bravery, tenacity, toughness, and super focus. Every day, they will have to assemble the cattle flocks in absolute precision.

Source: Wikimedia

Therefore, they have inherited an ability to pay careful attention, detect threats or troubles, and quickly respond to their owners. They are also very athletic as they had to outspeed the cattle and group them up. 

Great concentration and the need for achievement were also their characteristics. These dogs require lots of attention, social interaction, and activities to burn up those energies. Your dog will always want to impress you and will obey every instruction you give.

Unsurprisingly they are appreciated in many forces that demand their assistance and excellently complete any strict coaching. The statement is also true to coaching at your home, where they will unconditionally obey and meet all requirements.

How To Train A German Shepherd Puppy?

The time when German Shepherds were easiest to follow instructions was days they were still puppies. While remaining as small dogs, they tend to hold what they have already learned into their adult years. 

That is the same as what’s happening to people, so you should begin at a perfect age. It is recommended to begin teaching your puppy when it’s eight weeks old. Here are steps for coaching a puppy:

Establish yourself as an alpha.

Not just the owner but anyone involved in the process should have proven themself as dominants. The trick is don’t yell or angrily talk when the dog is not nice, but calmly and confidently request them to change behaviors. 

The puppy will understand who is in charge and should obey. Fear-based dominating, on the other hand, can be somewhat harmful to your pet.

Start by using basic commands.

It would be best if you start it slow and short so that they won’t get mistaken. Beginning with basic commands like sit or stay, which help them familiarize themselves with your instructions. 

Be patient as they won’t get it the first time, and some may require a longer period to understand completely.

Use treats as a reinforcement and reward.

Habitual behavior is key to having a successful result. When your dog complies with any of your commands, you should give them treats to let them know they have accomplished a correct action.

Rewarding your puppy will motivate it to repeat an action and learn that its result is a delicious treat. 

On the other hand, you can turn them off slightly by reducing the number of treats, not rewarding them whenever they did something right, but only once now and then.

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How To Train An Adult German Shepherd?

It is advised to coach your dog since they’re still puppies, but it is not always the case. You may have gotten your dog fully mature, or the dog has never been trained before. Whichever the case, coaching an adult dog is still viable but a little tricky.

Source: Wikimedia

Begin with the basics.

It is a great idea, to begin with, basics to see how much your dog can listen. If they can not even understand basics like sitting or staying, then apply the same method as puppies. Remain your lessons brief and joyful; also give breaks to establish bonding and reduce potential distress.

Give rewards quickly.

Some snacks, a toy, or an applaud can all be used as rewards. But, make sure you give to them quickly right after they accomplish a task. 

The right timing is necessary because if you hesitate and something is caught between the completed task and the reward, the dog will believe that something is the right action.

Like puppies, once the adults get used to obeying orders, you can reduce the frequency of giving rewards.

Do the same things that you would do with a puppy.

Additionally to the idea of coaching your dog based on habitual behavior is whatever its age. Although older dogs will need more time and patience, what’s important is that are you willing to spend your day and dedication to your furry friend?

Older dogs may have developed unhealthy habits, so it might take some time to adopt new ones. Keep a stable session, and your dog will learn everything that you’d wish for.


Eventually, are German Shepherds easy to train

No matter how smart and obedient they are, it is vital to take your time and effort. You can not just do a few sessions and result in a perfectly trained dog. Your furry friend will surely make progress as long as you are there with your dog to support it.

Finally, thank you for reading our article! Be sure to keep in touch for our upcoming posts. Good luck and have fun!

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