What To Know Before Buying A German Shepherd? – Dog Lovers Need To Know!

what to know before buying a German Shepherd
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The most beautiful dogs in the world have got to be German Shepherds. They’re gorgeous, furry creatures with big brown eyes and an adorable personality that makes them seem like teddy bears come alive.

They also have amazing personalities to match. These guys can really pull on your heartstrings if you let them get past pet-friendly levels of friendliness.

The commitment to owning a GSD is not something that should be taken lightly. They are intelligent, loyal dogs who require plenty from their owners in terms of time spent with them and attention throughout the day to thrive happy lives.

If you’re seriously considering adopting a GSD, you will need some closer information that can only come from an experienced GSD lover. Below is what to know before buying a German Shepherd.

How Long Should I Walk My German Shepherd

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What To Know Before Buying A German Shepherd?

They Are Natural Guard Dogs

German shepherds are naturally protective of their property, but an older dog may have been socialized less than others. 

This can result in territorial behavior or even aggression toward strangers and other dogs if they haven’t had enough exposure to people throughout the years.

The lack of proper socialization could turn this normally passive animal into something dangerous when it comes time for them to enter new environments with lots of foot traffic around them all day long.

They Are Good Listeners

There’s nothing better than a GSD to listen and watch your every move. You’ll never be lonely again once you have one of these dogs in your life. Those radar ears always keep an eye on their master while they tilt that head.

This pet is the perfect partner for any sort of activity or situation. They are loyal friends willing to take the time out from anything else so that we can talk all day long about whatever comes up.

They Are Trainable

The first thing any prospective GSD adopter needs to know is that these dogs are among the smartest and most sensitive around. They have your routine figured out before you do, but they won’t forget about their own tiring routines either.

Not only do they know how “walk” sounds but also backward spelling it. They’re extremely sensitive about mood changes in humans, too. This high intelligence comes with an eagerness for constructive use of skills which makes training easier if done correctly on both sides.

how often should I walk my German Shepherd

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They Need Mental Encouragement

Long walks are an important part of the GSD’s life, but they’re not enough to keep your pup healthy if he doesn’t have mental stimulation. They need classes and animal sports or anything else.

You could try obedience classes for your new puppy in order to give them both the opportunity to push themselves past any boundaries while building trust within this relationship at large.

They Are Very Active

Whether you want a working dog or not, GSDs are always ready to go. This is because their job means the world to them. They love having something that requires plenty of exercise and attention from owners in order for it to be done right.

Be prepared with lots of long walks if you want your GSD’s energy out. Consider taking them on agility courses where they can run around freely without getting into mischief or making trouble while exercising their muscles at full speed.

You Can’t Resist Them

Adopting this dog breed might seem like an innocent decision at first, but what you don’t realize is that these animals will end up taking over your life. GSDs are like potato chips. 

You can’t have just one, and you might find yourself owning this breed for the rest of your life. That really means you’ve been adopted into their family, not the opposite.

what to know before buying a German Shepherd

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They Are Not Suitable For First-time Owners

Some people think the idea of owning a German Shepherd is all fun and games, but this isn’t true. GSDs are energetic, intelligent dogs who require a lot of care and attention. They need strict training from an experienced trainer, or they could turn out dangerous.

If you do decide on adopting one as your first pet, make sure that you are able to give these high-energy animals everything they deserve. Have a training plan in place before you bring your GSD home, and stick to it, so no habits get formed wrong.

They React Differently At Places

You may be surprised to see your lovely dog act like a total cuddly animal at home, but they will act aloof and distant in public. This is standard GSD behavior and something that you should not worry about.

Not Every Landlord Loves Them

Unfortunately, GSD are not always welcomed by landlords. Adopting one might be an excellent idea if you have your own place to live and want one. Make sure to ask before bringing home any dog that’s going to stay at least six months.

If you are thinking about adopting a GSD, make sure to talk with your landlord first. Landlords have the right not only to refuse service but also to evict tenants that bring in animals without permission from them or management. 

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The German Shepherd is a loyal, intelligent breed that can be an excellent family dog. They are very active and require robust exercise to maintain their health. When you are ready to bring a GSD into your life, make sure that it is the right fit for both you and your family.

We hope this article about what to know before buying a German Shepherd has been helpful for you in preparing for pet ownership. 

If you’re considering purchasing one of these dogs in the near future, make sure you take time to research all the information before making your final decision.

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