Why Do German Shepherds Bite Their Owners? – A Detailed Explanation

Why Do German Shepherds Bite Their Owners 1
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As a pet, why do German Shepherds bite their owners? Perhaps this is an interesting topic for those who love dogs. Especially those who intend to or have adopted GSD.

So, what factors have made this animal aggressive, which leads to biting people? The following information will be a great answer for you!

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Why Do German Shepherds Bite Their Owners?

One of the main reasons these pets attack, act aggressively, or bite their handlers/commanders is because they want to protect their resources.

Specifically, if you try to get its food while it is eating, affect its toys, or carry it to another area, it will often get angry and behave aggressively. This issue often happens with puppies when we try to guide them. 

Do Dogs Often Attack Their Owners?

The owner and these lovely species will not take any risks once they have reached a close relationship.

In general, these dogs’ nature is also an aggressive animal if they feel influenced or threatened. From this, you need to socialize and train them most appropriately to develop, understand and connect to people. 

What Aggressive Behaviors Do German Shepherds Typically Display?

Barks Continually

As we all know, barking is a basic behavior and instinct of dog breeds, but it is also a factor that helps us determine their current state.

Specifically, we can easily see that any object or animal passing by makes them bark. This problem is the dog’s way of responding to the effects of the surrounding environment.

If you are a supervisor or proprietor, you need to distinguish between normal barking and threatening barking.

In most cases, their barking is very monotonous and not too climactic. In cases of loud, continuous barking and growling, you can judge that they are showing signs of aggression.

This aggression can be divided into two cases: towards others in danger of harming you and towards yourself (the commandor). From this case, you need to understand them to analyze their actions and keep yourself safe.

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Chew the objects around

Dogs are friendly animals with nature, but these lovely dogs are energetic, enthusiastic, and fun-loving. These excitements are often expressed through chewing or gnawing on the objects around them, including your valuables.

Barking and growling while feeding them

It would help if you were extremely careful in all actions when interacting with dogs, especially when contacting them to eat. If you are feeding them while they growl, you will most likely be attacked by them. This situation is quite dangerous because they are in a rather angry state.

For pets that show signs of aggression, you need to keep a safe distance when feeding them. In addition, to correct this behavior, you can implement guiding courses, eating programs, and eating areas that work best for them.  

What Should Be Done To Keep The German Shepherd From Attacking You?

The best way to control your pet free from situations that bite you is to establish dominance in their thinking from the start.

You need to help them realize that you have authority and that they need to follow your controls. To accomplish this, you can refer to the next instructions:

Build belief

Dogs’ trust is the most important thing to help you, and they have the strongest relationship. Once this factor is achieved, the canines will create loyalty and protect you.

Check out these useful tips:

  • Search and refer to GSD to understand more about them.
  • Be patient and interactive with them.
  • Take advantage of the help from training programs.

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Appropriate training

Teach this animal properly as soon as possible because it will help you build a trusting relationship.

Even if you do not have complete information about their history and your GSD is a bit old, it is still possible to guide them easily. Appropriate training will help control their angry behavior.

Instructing how a GSD should behave from an early age is the best option, and the following rules will help you:

  • When you see that your GSD is positive and doing well, you can increase your support for them.
  • When GSD is not working well, please don’t yell at them. The action you need to take is to speak softly and in a friendly manner. Especially, do not hit or have a strong impact on them.
  • You can have your GSD interact with many other people, but make sure they all have the same skill guiding class. This issue ensures the safety of people interacting with them.
  • Show your love for GSD so they can feel it and return your love. This method is a great solution to make the relationship between you and them sweeter. 

Practice activities

Sports and fun activities will be a way to help GSD release energy and have more joy. If you leave them alone, they will become bored and easily lead to bad behavior.

Sports training for them lasts a lifetime, not a day or two. Usually, the lifespan of this animal lasts about 12 years and possibly longer.

It is not a good idea to let GSD play on its own in a fenced courtyard.  It would be best if you planned as specifically as possible to participate in activities with your dog. 

For example, go for a walk, play together, or go to a dog park. In addition to being active, your dog also needs to rest to balance its fitness.

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Socialize with many different dogs and people

These energetic puppies are a type that prefers to stay close to their family. Due to their rather watchful and observed nature, it may be difficult for other canines or people to get used to them.

It will take some time for GSD to make new friends. Therefore, you can gradually interact in stages to help them connect and get acquainted with many other objects. 


All of the information above could be a great explanation to the question of “Why do German Shepherds bite their owners?“. Perhaps this is a situation that no one wants to happen. Therefore, knowing your dog will also help you protect the safety of both of you.

Hope the above information and analysis will be a useful answer for you!

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